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Assuming it is the Model 81 Woodsmaster, excellent condition examples in .35 Rem are bringing more than $400.

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Q: What is the value of a 35 Remington automatic made in 1940?
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Who made a 410 automatic shotgun?


When did Remington manufacture The Speedmaster 22 LR semi-automatic built on the Browning patent and what is the value?

Have one that was made in 1943

When was the Remington automatic hand trap made NO2122984?


What year was the Remington sportmaster 512 made?

your Remington model 512 was made from 1940-1962,with a total production of 395,000 guns.

What year was the Remington Scout RS3333 knife made?

They were made from 1923 till 1940

Who all made 16 gauge automatic shotguns?

Browning, Remington

When was Remington 1148 semi automatic 20 gage made?


What is the value of a Remington Wingmaster 870 made in 1979?


What is the value of a mint 30 Remington that was made in 1911?

Mint 30 Remington what? Rifle? Model? Variation? (carbine?)

When the first automatic car was made?

The first fully automatic transmission (the Hydramatic) came out in the 1940 model year by Oldsmobile.

Value of Remington 300 weatherby magnum?

Value of a weatherby .300 magnum made in germany

When was your Remington 512 made?

1940-1962 Will be date code stamped, see related links for details.

What is the value of a Remington 1905 youth 22 pump rifle?

Remington never made a Model 1905 22 rifle.

What year was the Remington R1582 knife made?

The RH 50 was a Boy Scout knife made from 1925-1940 with several variations.

Value of Remington 1903 made in 1941?

Without more information - range of value from 300-900.

Value Remington 1904 shot gun?

i have a 1904 Remington single shot over under hammer on left 1904 pattened 1864 when made i would like to no value

What year was the Remington sportmaster 341 made?

1936-1940 You could check the date code stamped on the barrel - see related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

You have an old Browning A-5 shotgun serial number B28219 in fair condition with a poly choke Browning Saint Louis in on the barrel what is the year Value Could this be a Remington made for Browning?

It is a St. Louis Browning made by Remington for Browning. It was made around 1940. It's value is probably around $250.00 without seeing it. The B means it is a 12 gage. A was 16 gage and C is 20 gage.

What is the value of a Remington model 1100 made in 1963?

100-450 USD

What year was the Remington 550 semi automatic rifle made?

It depends, there were four models, the: Model 550A, Model 550P, Model 550-2G, and Model 550-1. The first model was introduced in 1940, and the 550-1 was introduced in 1946.

What is a Remington twelve gauge automatic shotgun model 878 worth?

Made from 58-63. 100-300 USD

Was Remington 16 gauge semi automatic ever made with a Browning pattern?

Please explain what you mean specifically by "Pattern"

What year was the Remington model 512 p 22 sportsmaster made?

They were made from 1940-1962, to figure out the month/year you need to look at the barrel code and look that up under the manufactured date on the Remington Society of America.

What year was a Remington speedmaster model 241 serial 50393 made? I still want to know the year Remington speedmaster model 241 serial 50393 was made and value? The ONLY way you will know is to look at the date code on the barrel and look it up in this table on this page. It should be around 1940.

Trying to find out what companies have made a 410 shot gun in a automatic?

I'm sure there have been several. I have a Remington 1100 in .410.