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If it's a .38 Safety Hammerless 4th Model

Exc V.G. Good Fair Poor

350 235 175 110 50

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What year was the Smith and Wesson 32 caliber hammerless safety revolver manufactured?


What is the value of 38 caliber smith and Wesson 38 ctg hammerless patented October 8 1883 Aug 4 1885 April 9 1889 with pearl grips serial number 171686?

I have almost the same revolver, you find out what is the value?

Can anyone provide info on a Smith and Wesson hammerless five shot revolver which at first I thought it might be a 22 caliber but possibly a 32 caliber?

Smith and Wesson makes several hammerless revolvers and to my knowledge they range from .22 all the way up to .44 Mag. The easiest way to tell what caliber a gun is chambered in would be to check the barrel or slide markings.

Where can you find information about a 38 caliber Smith and Wesson Model N Patented Feb Y?

Invalid information.

What is the value of a smith and Wesson top break 32 caliber with a bone handle Patented in Feb of 1906?

Seldom exceed 100 USD

Where can you find information about a 38 caliber Smith and Wesson break-open serial 218211 with a grip safety?

That is the .38 Safety Hammerless (4th Model), made c.1906.

How do you find the Model Number for a Smith Wesson 38 caliber that is breach load hammerless and has a serial number 227838?

Model numbers didn't start unitl @ 1957. It it has one it will be inside the crane area.

Did smith and Wesson make a hammerless shotgun?

Yes Smith and Wesson made a hammerless shotgun. I did read at one time they were the first to do so, but they did not sell a lot of them because of the price back in the late 1800's

What year did they stop making hammerless smith and Wesson 38 caliber revolvers?

I believe that the last Smith and Wesson hammer less model was the stainless model 60 chief,s special that was made in 1998. IT had a 2 1/2in barrel and was double action only.

What is a Smith and Wesson 38 safety hammerless top break sn 226502 worth?

I recently saw a very nice .38 hammerless for $249.00

What is the model of a 32 caliber Smith and Wesson top break hammerless revolver serial 80082 with a lot of dates on top?

without the pics it sounds like a new departure first model made from 1888-1902

Are there specs for the 32 cal special hammerless smith and Wesson?

Yes, numerous catalogs have them.

Can you get a Smith Wesson 1076 in forty five caliber?


Smith and Wesson 32 caliber 103922?


What is the value of a F Wesson 32 caliber single shot rim fire hand gun patented Oct 25 1859 cast steel rifling barrel?

Blue Book of Gun Values can assist you.

Does anyone make a rifle in 461 smith Wesson caliber?

No such caliber in the S&W line.

What is the value of a stainless Smith and Wesson hammerless 357 magnum?

100-400 USD depending on condition.

Revolver smith Wesson hammerless serial 245931?

Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory.

Is a holster available for the Smith and Wesson model 64 2inch hammerless revolver?

Check gun shows

How old is my 38 hammerless smith and wesson serial no 908j78?

You must call S&W to find out.

You think you have a 1906 smith and Wesson 32 cal hammerless double action pistol how do you find it's value?

Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson, 3rd ed.

Does Smith and Wesson make a 9 round 22 caliber?


What caliber is smith Wesson model 581?

357 Magnum

What is the age of Smith and Wesson D468823?

Need to know what caliber.

What is the value of a 32 caliber smith and Wesson revolver?


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