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$800 if the serial begins with T.


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Your question is confusing to say the least. 1. Winchester never made a "Sweet Sixteen"... that distinction belongs the Browning. 2. What do you mean by "original instructions"?

100-10000 USD depending on specifics.

New in Box. Means never fired, in original packaging.

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features and markings.

BAR- 300 dollars Never fired BAR- 400 dollars Having a BAR in the event of a break in- Priceless 2ND AMENDMENT

With all the original packing, paperwork, box, etc., somewhere in the 2.5-3K range. Check the auction sites.

Approximate value is in the 1250.00 to 1500.00 range IF it is in pristine condition.

Recently saw one LNIB that auctioned for $605 on Gunbroker.

Thes guns have been selling between $1500 and $1800 in the box.

The value of a Winchester 9410 that has never been fired varies depending on the specific model and year it was produced. Early and commemorative models are worth between $1,000 and $3,000.

Your Browning B-80 in the description you described is valued at 450 dollars.

Description is lacking. All original papers present? What shape are they in? What shape is the box in? What is the condition of the pistol? Just because its never been fired and is in the original box doesn't mean its in great shape. Price range from 300-1200 USD.

Made in 1954. Standard weight 16ga, NOT a Sweet Sixteen. Even so, if it is truly in original unfired condition it would be worth well over $1500.

$150-$200, more if you have the original box and papers.

Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Even unfired guns have finish wear and should be inspected. Near mint guns and original box will command an extra premium. Recommend taking it to a gun shop for appraisal.

What it's worth and what you can get are two different things. 200-2000 USD

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