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Absolutely zero.

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Q: What is the value of a Cannondale Road Warrior 800 bike?
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What is special about the Cannondale Road Bikes?

A bike designed for speed on the open road. A bicycle of a similar style to a racing bike but built more for endurance and less the fast bursts of speed desired in a racing bicycle. More gears multiple gear combinations and fewer hi-tech racing features. breeze bike

What is the value of a cannondale road bike?

That model comes in several versions, and it's been built for several years. Not knowing version, vintage or condition, your question can't be answered.

Which bike is better a cannondale or a Gary fisher bike?

Cannondale and Gary Fisher are both decent brands. Which is the best bike will be determined by the quality of the parts they're built with.

How can you tell the age of a Cannondale Bike?

head over to, search for cannondale, look through the years.

What kind of metal is a cannondale bike made of?

Cannondale metal bikes are most likely aluminium frames.

Who created the Cannondale Lefty bike?

The Lefty bike is manufactured by the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation which was founded in 1971 by Joe Montgomery. The Lefty is a very lightweight bike that only has a left side blade.

What are some different bike shops keeping Cannondale parts in stock?

Infinite Cycles Bicycle Shop in Utah and Columbia Bike shop in Maryland keep Cannondale parts in stock. The official Cannondale also sells parts that can be bought online.

What is the most winning dirt bike brand?

Scott and Cannondale!

When was Cannondale mountain bike first established?

Cannondale Bicycle corporation was first established in 1971 by three men. Bike frames were created in 1983 but mountain bike frames were not available until a couple years later.

What year was the cannondale m 300 cad 2 bike made?


If your cannondale bike has shimano 600what year is your bike?

Shimano 600 components were introduced in the 1970s, and Cannondale did not begin manufacturing bicycles until 1983. Therefore, Shimano 600 components could be found on Cannondale bicycles from any model year, and the presence of such components is not a viable way to determine a bicycle's age.

What is the horsepower of Yamaha's Road Star Warrior?

80bhp - not v.high - the power of the bike is in it's torque.