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In 100% condition, this gun is booked at $300.


I own a model 500, serial # 193258, that I bought new about 1965,BM,(before married). It has been lightly used, mostly trap shooting at that time. I think that the value you have of $300 is very low for a mint condition side by side, if you can even find one. If the mint is available at that price, let me know.

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Q: What is the value of a Charles Daly side-by-side 12 gauge shotgun model 500 serial number 228510 manufactured in Japan by BC Miroku mint condition never fired?
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What is your rossi sidebyside shotgun worth?

5-300 uSD

What is the value of a Charles Wembley shotgun?

The value of a Charles Wembley shotgun varies greatly depending on the age, length of barrel, and condition. Most are worth at least $200 even in poor condition.

What is the value of a 410 gauge shotgun manufactured by Marholt Peter Longo in Austria?

The value of a 410 shotgun manufactured by Marholt Peter Longo in Austria depends on its condition. This gun in mint condition is valued between 1800.00 and 2250.00 as of 2014.

Need some info on a sidebyside 12g shotgun serial 21662?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of ALL markings.

What is the Value of a Belgium made Browning 16 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun manufactured in 1952 in shooters condition?

$300-500 depending on finish / condition (speaking shooter condition) Auto5man

What is value of Ithaca shotgun side by side S12 ser 62236?

Depending on the condition of the gun, it can go anywhere from $800 to $1500. The serial number indicates that the shotgun was manufactured around 1902.

What is the value of a Charles daily 12 gauge semiauto shotgun?

The value of a Charles Daily 12 gauge semi auto shotgun is between $200 and $500 depending on the condition. These shotguns were used extensively for sport shooting and hunting.

Value of Charles Daly 12 gauge side by side empire grade 3 magnum shotgun very good condition SN 61718?

The value of a Charles Daly 12 gauge side by side empire grade 3 magnum shotgun is determined by condition. This gun in good condition is valued between 250.00 and 399.99 as of 2014.

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun?

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun

What brand of shotgun was manufactured in New York America?

The Ithaca brand shotgun was manufactured in New York. I don't know if this is the one you were looking for.

What is the value of a Noble 12 gauge shotgun model 40?

These guns were manufactured a limited number of years. The gun was considered a utility gun in poor condition 75.00 in mint condition 300.00.

What date was a browning auto 5 12 gauge shotgun with a serial number 68v 26508 manufactured and what is it worth in good condition?

1968. 100-500 USD depending on condition and configuration.

When was a browning shotgun no17559nm6a3 manufactured?


Who is maker of westernfield 12 ga M55OABD shotgun?

This Shotgun was manufactured by the Mossberg Company.

What is the value of a double hammer side by side shotgun manufactured by Charles Richter in New York?

Actually, it was manufactured by the Crescent Firearms Company and distributed by HD Folsom. "Charles Richter" was a trade name used by the New York Sporting Goods Co in New York around 1900. Value is as a wallhanger decoration, about $200 if in very nice condition, and the gun should not be fired with modern ammunition.

What year is a New Nitro 12 ga shotgun and value?

The LeFever New Nitro 12 gauge shotgun was manufactured from 1936 to 1948. If it is in good condition, it can be worth about $400 to $500.

What is the estimated value of a T Barker shotgun in mint condition?

If it is really mint (unfired, practically untouched since it was manufactured), it might bring over $200.

What year was Browning serial 78570 shotgun manufactured?

Need to know action type, gauge, barrel length, finish, condition, box, accessories, etc..

What is the age of a model 12 Winchester shotgun serial 390686?

Your Winchester shotgun was manufactured in 1914.

Who manufactured the Maverick Model 88 shotgun?


Who manufactured the Electric City 410 shotgun?


Is there any info of Boito shotgun manufactured dates?


What is the age of a 20 gauge J Stevens Model 258A shotgun?

It was manufactured from 1937-1965 and currently valued in great condition without refinishing at around $200.

What is the value of a 1929 Eastern Arms 12 gauge single shot shotgun?

Manufactured by Stevens for Sears Roebuck. Worth $25 to $75, depending on condition. Might break $100 if still in factory-new condition.

What is a Stevens Arms Westpoint Model 948E shotgun worth?

The value of a Westpoint shotgun will depend on the weapon's condition. If in excellent condition the shotgun is worth $500.