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I just bought one for $125, it's in great shape. They guy I bought it from said he checked in a trader and they range from $100-$150 or so. I've seen as high as $200. I own a couple of them, but I inherited the first one.

AnswerI have the mod.20 pump 12 Ga., ventilated rib w/ Choke(var.) & Compensator. I bought it sometime in the 1950s from Sears, But I don't remember what the price was . It is still in tip top condition. I don't believe I would part with it ,after all these years..... AnswerI bought a J.C.Higgins Mod. 20 in 1949 for sixty-nine dollarsa. A Winchester Mdl.12 cost $139.00 and I couldn"t afford that much. I used the Mdl. 20 to shoot live pigeon matches in the Anthracite region for a few years prior to the military and ever since for deer,quail ,turkeys ,doves and grouse and it still shoots very well.The Poly Choke was a popular item in the fifties.
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Q: What is the value of a JC Higgins 12 Ga pump model 20 polychoke shotgun?
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