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Not sure exactly as I have one also which was purchased from Sears in 1959. I know that they were not made by Sears but were actually produced by Savage I think and were know as a model 20.


I believe if you check the service manual for a High Standard Sport-King Carbine Model A-102, you will find it is the exact same rifle.

$75 to $100 for a Model 25 in good working condition in about 75% new condition. Look up the HIGH STANDARD Model A-1041 for information on the action of the JC Higgins mocel 25.

Go to this site and you can down load the Manuals for Free for this rifle.

I have had mine for the same amount of time and if you dont use high powered shells it will fire muliti times then jam. Can be a problem now days with them thinking that it a automatic rifle, a mini machine gun.

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Q: What is the value of a JC Higgins model 25 22 rifle?
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