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What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Co 22 long rifle with a 1913 patent date?


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I do not know the exact value, I have a 1914 that I purchased for $249.00, but found it listed on Cabela's for over $600. So I would guess that you do a little resurch in the "old gun rooms" of some of the catolog people on the enternet to find out what the market will allow today. Also Stevens has a web site but I beleave it goes under "FOX Stevens". Try entering "Fox Fire arms" to see what comes up. Hope this helped Moosenut245


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What is the value of a Stevens Arms 22-Long Rifle Pat. 1913.

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That's a patent date, not a manufacture date. The Standard Catalog gives a range of values from $125 in Poor condition to $275 in Excellent condition.

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The 1913 Stevens .410 singleshot is worth from about $75 to $150, depending on condition.

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the Stevens model 16 sidelever was made from 1900 to 1913

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1913 Remington MINT 750.00 U.S.

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