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What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Company Crackshot 26 patented April 22 1913?


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I have a Crack Shot 26 and found several places online with them for sale. The value seems to range from $125 - $225 for one in "good" condition. I have seen one posted for $350. Of course, that auction ended with no bids on the rifle. Other sites estimate the rifle to be worth between $225 and $350, again, depending on the condition. These rifles were manufactured from 1912 - 1939.


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got qouted 400 euros for a mint condition crack shot 26

A Stevens Model 26 "Crackshot" in .32 caliber was for sale on until the auction closed December 14, 2006. The only price indicated, $257.50 seemed to be the minimum bid specified by the seller.

50-150 dollars based on the rifle having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining.These crackshot rifles were made between the years 1913-1941.

your model 26 crackshot is going for between 75-225 dollars depending on condition.

April Stevens was born on April 29, 1936.

This is likely a Stevens 315 I also have a hammerless double barrel shotgun but it has J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass patented April 20 1915.The way I was told to tell what model it was,by the length of the upper tang.The model 315 has a 2 5/8" Tang and a model 515 has a Tang of 2 7/8".My gun is the model 315 and from the J Stevens name I have been told that it was made between 1915 and 1936.As far as the value goes I have seen them go for between $250.-$400. I got mine at a garage sale for $100. 5 years ago.

April Stevens is 75 years old (birthdate: April 29, 1936).

That's a patent date, not a manufacture date. The Standard Catalog gives a range of values from $125 in Poor condition to $275 in Excellent condition.

Radar was patented by Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt in April 1935.

Try Numrich Arms ( Look for parts for a Stevens 311 shotgun. They should be the same.

April Stevens was born on April 29, 1936.

Scott Stevens was born on April 1, 1964.

Rachel Stevens was born on April 9, 1978.

Forerunner of the 5100 series which evolved into the Savage/Stevens 311. Stevens made a LOT of double-shotguns with varying designs over the years. Depending on condition, yours would bring $200-$350 at retail.

Condition is the key factor, Even in good shape not that much 180.00 at the most

A 335 may have the model number on the bottom metal just ahead of the trigger guard, at least mine does. The lettering is very small, shallow, and hard to read. Mine says "MODEL 335".

I have one that says it was patented April 22, 1913. So, I would assume it was manufactured shortly after that. I don't know the value. I do know it's the first .22 I ever owned / shot (it was already very used then; 30 years ago) and it stills fires. Although it will fire, mine is oiled and sits in a closet waiting to be handed off to another generation. I don't know what it would be worth if it were appraised.

That's April 17 1894. It is a version of the Stevens Favorite boy's rifle. Value ranges from under $100 for beat-to-hell to several hundred for really nice original condition.

Should be one of the many different models of Boy's Rifle made by Stevens. Would need to know a lot more specifics, exact markings other than the patent date, and above all else condition.

John Paul Stevens was born on April 20, 1920.

Inger Stevens died on April 30, 1970 at the age of 35.

Rachel Stevens is 39 years old (birthdate: April 9, 1978).

Scott Stevens is 47 years old (birthdate: April 1, 1964).

Inger Stevens died on April 30, 1970 at the age of 35.

Most of all Stevens shot guns give the date on the top of the barrel , mine says it right where it breaks. April 12,1913.

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