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The Marlin model 780 (1985-1988) .22LR is worth in the region of $150-$200 depending on the condition. I own one myself they are a great small caliber rifle capable of good cleen, long distance kills up to around 100 yards using the right ammunition. i would recomend CCI Stingers or Velocitors they are a High Quality, Hyper Velocity Round.

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Your Marlin model 780 was made in the year 1987.

Your Marlin model 780 was produced in the year 1977.

Your Marlin model 780 was made in the year 1977 with the serial number that you have provided.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Marlin model 780 was made in the year 1978.

The Ranger 34 was a house brand made by Marlin. If you have the bolt action repeater, it's either a Marlin Model 80C, made 1940-'70, or a Model 780, made 1971-1988. If it's an autoloader, it is a Model 50 or 50E, made 1931-35. If there is no serial number, it was made prior to the 1968 gun control act. Even the Marlin named Model 80C and 780 are worth less than $100 in perfect condition. A Model 50 or 50E could go to $150. But, your gun is a Marlin made house gun, not a nmed Marlin, and loses value for that reason.

No records.The Western Auto model 105 .22cal rifle was made twice for Western Auto.The first time was back in the 1930,s and was made by the Marlin Firearms Company.These were the Marlin model 80 and were produced from 1934-1939.The Second model 105 was made for Western Auto from 1971-1988 by Marlin,and these were the Marlin model 780.The age of your firearm should dictate which one you have.

It is the Marlin trademark, they put it on all there rifles or use to, it is the Marlin bullseye.

In 1980 the serial #s for the model 780 ran from 20,690,001 to 20,815,000. looks like a 1980 model to me. answer by catfishiowa

Who made it? Is it a shotgun, rifle or handgun?

Call Marlin Customer Service 800-544-8892. Place orders there. Part # 504046. Glenfield 20 is same as Marlin Model 780, except for the wood.

This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

The Marlin 780 dosent use a clip, it uses a magazine. You can get these from

Glenfield Marlin Model 25 rifles were patterned after the Marlin 80C and Marlin 780 rifles. The Glenfield name was added for sales to coast-to-coast chain-stores versus stores that were specific Marlin dealer stores. The Glenfield 25 was manufactured from 1979 through 1982 according to Brophy. Others would suggest the Marlin Glenfield 25 was produced from 1972-1982. Regardless, the Glenfield name was dropped in 1983. The rifle continued as the Marlin Model 25 until 2003, which then became the Marlin 925. Differences between the Marlin and Glenfied were purely cosmestic i.e. birch stocks instead of walnut stock, different trigger guards, and triggers (black instead of gold colored). It is still being produced in .22LR (Marlin 925) and .22 Magnum (Marlin 925M) versions today. Most parts between the Glenfield 25 and Marlin 780 will interchange with no problem. Some of the Glenfield 20 and 25 will interchange as well. However, not all late model parts between the Marlin 780 and Marlin 80 will interchange with those models made in the pre-70s.

Workhorse Marlin rifle made for many years until supplanted by the Model 780. Marlin made these in clip magazine and tube magazine versions, with slight variation the Model 81, and thousands of store-brand guns for Sears, Wards, etc. Take care of it and it will last forever. If it doesn't, we make new extractors, firing pins, etc for that model. Not collectable, but valued as a shooter. They routinely sell from $75-$150 over the counter.

The Marlin Glenfield 25 is the economy version of their Model 780 bolt-action .22 rifle. It has been in production a long time, marketed mainly through the larger chain stores. The 25N is simply an updated variant with slightly different magazine and sights, possibly some stock design changes. It has been further replaced by the Model 925 with the T900 fire control system. Note there was also a Model 25 slide-action .22 rifle.

I can say that the marlin 780 series of .22cal rifles were discontinued in 1988.Maybe the marlin firearms company wb site may be more helpful?

The Marlin Glenfield model 20 is the same basic gun as a Marlin model 780. Contact Marlin direct at: Marlin Services P.O. Box 248 North Haven, CT 06473 They will send you a free manual for the 780. Or you can call them toll free at: 1 (800) 544-8892 I am not aware of any web sites that offer this manual as a download. For free downloadable manuals of a lot of other firearms try here: Regards, Rob

I have seen a few of these come through my shop. I have come to learn that in the late 1970's through the mid 1980's you gun was manufactured for JC Pennys. It is actually a Marlin model 780, and the value would be as the same MD's Gun Repair

Yes, the same magazine is common between the Marlin and Glenfield models 80, 780, 20 and 25. The 880 magazines are a different design that is more narrow front to back and taller.

The Ranger 22 was built by Marlin firearms, try a clip that fits the folowing Marlin Rifles. 50-50E, 80C, 780. You are looking for something that was built in the 1930s.

The first two numbers of the given serial number indicate the year the gun was manufactured. In this case, the gun was made in 1979.

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