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What is the value of a Model 88 308 cal?


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By gazing into the WikiAnswers crystal ball, I have discerned that this Model 88 was made by Winchester. Value will, of course, depend on configuration, period of manufacture, and degree of originality, none of which are coming through clearly. If the serial number is below 148859, it is pre-1964. If the barrel is only 19" (measured from the face of the closed bolt to the muzzle), you have a carbine. Now, I'll guess on the high side and say it has 92% of the original finish remaining and is mechanically sound which would grade Very Good by NRA Standards. The Standard Catalog suggests a value of $375 for a pre-64 rifle, $300 for a post-64 rifle, or $425 for a carbine (no carbines were manufactured before 1968) in Very Good condition.

Sounds like good solid amounts from a gun blue-book. If you roll the crystal ball over half-way and look at the 'demand' side that is out in the world you can probably add 20-40% to these totals for a gun in functioning condition and won't splinter after the first shot.

Example: Winchester .308 Model 88 Carbine book says $425, 'demand' says around $700. Which, for this gun made for only 3-4 years, is on the high end of the percentage rule which is 65%.


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You will need to provide the serial number to determine the year of production of your Winchester model 88 lever action rifle.

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Your question cannot be answered without you providing the serial number to your rifle.

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In order to give you a more accurate value on your winchester model 88,I would need to know the caliber of the rifle,and what condition your rifle is in?

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