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This is a Remington Semi-automatic shotgun. With out calling Remington to identify the exact gauge and knowing more about how the gun is configured it is only possible to provide some very broad estimates.

Gun condition (how badly worn the gun is and features like a vent-rib, Rem-chokes or fixed etc drive the value of the gun. A low figure would be ~200.00 for a working, worn, not abused field gun to a high of possibly $400.00 or more for a field grade gun in excellent conditon. Trap, Skeet or highgrade wood or engraving could drive this prices much higher.

Once you get collect a bit more information on the gun you could look on any of several websites to see what a similar gun has as a posted asking price.

You can learn mor about your gun on the Remington and a call to their support line will get you the year of manufacture.

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Q: What is the value of a Remington 1100 serial number M742709X?
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