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What is the value of a Remington 308 Wingmaster 742?


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There is no such model.


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Your remington model 742 rifle is valued at between 275-350 dollars.

As with any firearm, value will depend upon condition. A used Remington Model 742 in .308 (a desireable chambering) will vary in value from $US 250 in fair condition to as high as $US 600 in New In the Box condition. Yours in average condition will probably value at $US 400, depending upon the market in your area.

Send me your email address for a scan of the manual.

Most remington model 742 woodmasters are selling in the gun shops for between 275-350 dollars.

There have never been any recalls on the Remington Model 742 that I'm aware of. The Remington 742 is now an obsolete model and was replaced with the Remington Model 7400. The bolt received an upgraded design along with the magazine catch/release. At one time Remington was offering a Model 7400 as a replacement for the Model 742, if you sent them your Model 742 along with $350.00. Is there a problem with the 742 that you have?

$260-680, depending on condition, scope, exact model, etc

I recently purchased one well worn for 200 dollars, and was told buy one fellow at the gun show it was worth about 300 in working condition.

The Remington Model 742 was made from 1960 until 1980, and it was replaced by the Model 7400 in 1981.

No. The 742 was made from 1960-1980. @ 1,433,269 were made

in no way are these barrels unchangeable. in fact you soon think of retiring that 742. they are very dangerous to the shooter. rich- certified gunsmith Remington qualified.

3000$ dollars with engravings in good conditon

There a number of stores where you can find the rebuild parts for Remington 742 Woodmaster. Some of these stores include Amazon, Remington, Brownells and so many more.รŠ

depending on condition of the wood and the finish on the steel, as well as the rifling in the barrel and the action of the bolt... your price could range between $250-$450

In Gun Trader 2009 edition, the value is upwards of 787.00 in great condition. The bicentennial is more expensive than the regular 742 series because only a certain number was made.

Most Remington 742 woodmaster(not woodchester) are selling for between 275-325 dollars depending on overall condition of the wood and metal,and a good bore.

i think a 150th anniversary edition is different than a commemoritave. is this true?

Try who has a huge number of gun parts or or eBay for the replacement part. There were differences over the years, so try to determine the manufacture date, if you can.

Impossible to answer without the sn.

An autoloading centerfire rifle made from 1960-1980

Contact Remington on their web site. Your question is impossible to answer without the caliber of the rifle

A Remington 742 BDL has a different stock and forearm than the 742 ADL. The stock of the 742 BDL has a cheek plate and the forearm is slanted at the front with a different type bolt which secures it. The 742 ADL is the most common type and easier to find if one is trying to purchase a 742.

You can request one for free from Remington at

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