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What is the value of a Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster BDL Deluxe in excellent condition?

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What is the worth of a DeLuxe sewing machine made in Japan 1952?

If it is in excellent working condition it is worth $15-$30.

WHAT DOES Cdl stand for on Remington gun?

Classic Deluxe

What does bdl Remington stand for?

cdl stands for classic deluxe line im not sure what bdl stands for. Remington grades there guns A - F, with F the highest grade. ADL stands for A grade deluxe, BDL, B grade Deluxe, CDL C grade deluxe and on.

What does bdl mean on a Remington 700?

The B means B grade wood,and the dl means deluxe grade.Thus you have a B deluxe grade model of the remington model 700.

What is the value of a 20 Gauge Hi Standard Flite King Deluxe in excellent condition?

0-300 USD depending on exact configuration, age, condition, accessories, etc..

The cdl in Remington 700 cdl means what?

Classic Deluxe

What does cdl mean in Remington model 700?

Classic Deluxe

Price on a 410 ga deluxe topper M488?

In excellent like new condition this gun values at $195. 00. In average used condition this gun would value at $95. 00.

What does the l mean in the remington 700 cdl?

CDL stands for Classic Deluxe.

What is the value of a pre-1973 Sako Finnbear Deluxe 300 Winchester Magnum in excellent condition?

Need a detailed description of all markings/features, finsih, condition, box, papers, accessories, etc..

What does cDL stand for When it comes to a Remington model 700 hunting rifle?

Classic Deluxe

What is the value of a Remington 700 BDL custom Deluxe 30.06?

100-500 USD.

What is the value of a Remington 7600-270 calibur worth?

i have the same rifle, mines the deluxe model ( checkered fore and pistol grips ) and ive seen them for anywhere from 500-800 depending on the condition

What does bdl and cdl stand for as in Remington model 700 bdl?

CD in CDL stands for classic deluxe.

What does BDL on a Remington rifle mean?

The designation, BDL represents "B" grade wood and the DL is for deluxe model.

How do you know your model 742 Bdl is a Woodsmaster?

Actually, The 742A is the "Woodsmaster" and the 742 BDL is the "Deluxe". The differences in the two rifles are the stocks and forearms. The 742A has a rolled, impressed type of checkering and the 742 BDL has a basket weave style with the stock having a higher comb (where your cheek would rest when shooting). The receiver on the BDL has a slightly higher area where the scope is mounted.

How much is a concord freedom deluxe worth?

150 bucks in immaculate condition.

What do used air rifles sell for?

Many factors determine the price of a used air rifle or pistol. The condition of the rifle, the make and model, the collect-ability and the caliber just to name a few. An example, a Beeman P3 made in Germany in Excellent condition sells for $175 but a knockoff ( Looks exactly like a P-3) Chinese made Marksman 2004 Deluxe in excellent condition sells for $40. Or a Crosman 1377C may sell for as little as $25 in poor condition or as much as $80 in excellent condition. It's best to look up the price in a blue book first before buying a used air gun or rifle.

What is the value of a deluxe topper model 98 410?

Depending on condition, around $125.

How much is a Winchester model 290 deluxe worth?

Around $275, depending on condition

What is the value of a Ithaca model 72 22lr silver plated?

Your Ithaca Model 72 Deluxe was made between 1974 and 1976. In perfect condition (new, in box, never fired) it is estimated at about $450. The value drops off rapidly for a used in very good to excellent condition of $250 to used in fair condition of $145. Actual price depends on where and when it is sold.

What is the approximate value of a left hand 270 Weatherby mag Mark V deluxe made in Japan Serial number H183886?

The basic Mark V is about $900 in excellent condition. Some magnum calibers are higher. Do not have a listing for left handed version.

What is the Value of a Harrington an Richardson Deluxe Topper Model 198?

Depending upon condition: 100%/NIB $185, fair condition (60%) $80

What does BDL stand for in Rifle?

The BDL model of Remington rifles stands for B deluxe. It is an upgraded model which features a hinged floor plate for ammo removal.

Is Wikipedia correct when it states that the Remington nylon super deluxe has a nickel barrel?

No that is wrong, Chrome. The Apache Black 66 & 76 were made with Chrome barrel and receiver.