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There are 5 distinct types of shotguns made.The single shot,the over under/double barrel configuration,the pump action,the bolt action,and the cannot combine two of them.Now what type of Savage 12 gauge shotgun do you have?A model number our name of your Savage shotgun will help in determining what you have and a better description of the shotguns overall condition will greatly help in the identity of the shotgun in question.

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Q: What is the value of a Savage 12 gauge bolt action semi-automatic shotgun?
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Where is the model number on an old 16 gauge Savage shotgun?

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Value of 12 gauge savage shotgun?

model 620-a

What is the value for a Savage 12 gauge 2.75 inch chamber model 745 semiautomatic shotgun with part number 110261 in excellant condition?

These shotguns are selling for between 150-300 dollars at this time.

What is the browning a bolt 12 gauge shotgun?

A bolt action shotgun in 12 gauge.

How old is savage Stevens model 58 20-gauge bolt action shotgun?

This shotgun was made between 1933-1945 with total production being 29,500 guns.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Savage 24B-DL shotgun?

what is value

What is the value of a Savage 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun?

Give us a clue. Got a model number, or at least an action type - single shot, double barrel, pump (slide), bolt action, semi-automatic? Savage made dozens of different shotgun models and most were available as 12 gauge. semi automatic 12 gauge 775 single barrel magazine fed

What is value of savage 440B 12 gauge over and under shotgun?

The Savage 440B 12 gauge over and under shotgun is valued at $700 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is valued at $300.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Savage shotgun serial 26600?

Go to

What is the value of a semiautomatic 12 gauge 2012 DU 1611 rifle?

We need make, model, and condition- and it is not a rifle- it is a shotgun.

What is the value of a Savage 30F 12 gauge shot gun?

The value of a Savage 30F 12 gauge shotgun is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the shotgun.

What is a JC Higgins model 101.40 12 gauge shotgun?

Stevens 947y This shotgun is a Savage 940,940Y,or 940B

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