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What is the value of a Springfield Model 1878 rifle?

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I am the one asking the question about the springfield us model 1878 and it's value. I have (2) in very good shape that i acquired a while back and would know the fair market value so when i decide to trade or sell them i can be on an even playing field. you van e-mail me at thank you.

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What is the age and value of US Springfield rifle model 1878 and serial number 306734?

about 1886

What is the value of a springfield 1878 trapdoor rifle?

600-1500 dollars depending on overall condition of your rifle.

What is the value of a 1878 us springfield rifle?

The value is the rifle is worth somewhere between $200 and $250. The exact amount will depend upon the condition of the rifle.

When was springfield trapdoor 1878 serial number 356512 produced?

Your serial number indicates that your Springfield trapdoor model rifle was made in the year 1887.

What is the date of mfg of springfield mod 1884 trapdoor rifle ser no 96518 and approx value?

your trapdoor was made in 1878

What age is a Springfield Trapdoor 1873 rifle in 45-70 Ser No 86897?

yout trapdoor rifle was made in 1878

When was springfield model 1878 serial number 359137 made?

There are no model 1878s. You have a model 1873. Check out for more info.

Where is the serial number on a model 1878 springfield?

on top, behind the loading gate, next to hammer

What is a us army 1878 springfield rifle worth?

The 1873 is actually the date on the top of the trapdoor.The 8 is in fact a 3

What is the age and value of colt model 1878 serial 35369?

The Colt 1878 frontier model with serial # 35369 was produced around 1896.

What is the date of manufacture of a Springfield 1878 Rifle Serial Number 348150 and value it is in fair-good condition?

made in 1887. caliber 45/70. vlue depends on overall condition. anywhere from $300 - $900 +

When did john m browning make his first gun?

In the year 1880.It was the model 1878 single shot rifle.

What is the value of a 32 Marlin 88 SAtandart 1878 rifle?

Check the internet auction sites to see what they are going for.

When was browning initiated as a gun selling company?

Browning began business in the year 1880,selling only one model which was the Model 1878 single shot rifle.

You have what you think is a 1878 Colt revolver Ser 5100 How can you verify date and value?

If this is the Colt 1878 Frontier model serial # 5100 , then it was produced around 1881.

What is the value of an original Colt 45 blue steel 6 shooter model 1878?

value depends on the pistol model, overall condition and serial number. If a good early model single action, value could be $1500 - 2500..............................................

How do you find out who was originally issued a 1878 Springfield rifle?

Since the rifle has a serial number and the Army keeps records, you may be able to track down what unit was issued the rifle and what soldiers had it. The records could be anywhere and are likely on paper, so you shuld pack a lunch before starting - it will take a while.

When was a smith and Wesson topbreak handgun with springfield mass us pat July 10 60 Jan 17feb17july 11 65 aug 24 69 Russian model on the barrel manufactured and mint condition potential value?

There are several factors which will affect the value, such as the exact model and particular features, and it is strongly advised to find a trusted appraiser to properly identify the piece. In Very Good condition, the Model 3 Russion 2nd model in .44 S&W Russian caliber is valued at $3250. A Model 3 Russian 3rd model is valued at $9000. The 2nd model was manufactured between 1873 and 1878. The 3rd model between 1874 and 1878.

Value 1878 colt 45 serial 100827?

if it's the colt single action model, then made about 1884.................................. value depends on overall condition.......................

Value of Colt model 1878 1st generation black powder frame serial number 117187?

According to this proofhouse website the model 1878 was only made up to 1905 with the final serial number being 51210. I don't know how much your gun is worth but with a serial number 117187 it is not a model 1878

What year is a springfield 1878 with a serial number 244859?

Your trapdoor was made in 1884.

What Gun has a model number US Model 1878?

the trapdoor model...................

When was Bigelow Cooper born?

Bigelow Cooper was born in 1878, in Springfield, Ohio, USA.

What is the value of an 1878 liberty head coin?

The Liberty head design was used on over several different coins in 1878. Please post a new question with the coin's denomination, with the wording "What is the value of an 1878 US (coin denomination)?" e.g. What is the value of an 1878 US silver dollar? or What is the value of an 1878 US 10 dollar gold piece.

What is the value of an 1878 alfonso XII copper coin?

what is the value of an 1878 alfonso XII cooper coin 10 centimos

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