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What is the value of a Stevens Savage 410 Model 59B?


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2008-09-29 21:29:47
2008-09-29 21:29:47

In excellent condition they are valued anywhere from $100 to $200. Very Good condition is $75 to $150, good between $50 and $100. Anything less than good is limited to sentimental value or $20 to $40 as a parts gun.


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i had a model 51 410 shotgun given to me and wanted to learn about its value

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The value of a savage Stevens model 51 single shot would depend on a couple things. The main factor would be the condition.

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Bolt action made by Savage/Stevens. $75-$125.

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The savage/stevens model 58 was made during the years 1933-1945.

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