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A working Stevens double will range from $150 to $250 depending on the condition. There are a couple dozen different model numbers, but very few will be priced outside this range.

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Q: What is the value of a Stevens twenty gauge double barrel shotgun?
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What is the age of a twenty gauge Springfield single barrel shotgun manufactured by J Stevens Arms Company in Chicopee Falls Mass?

Sometime between 1920 and 1948.

What is the age of a Stevens Savage model 94 twenty gage shotgun?

These were manufactured from 1926 to 1945. If it is marked with both the Savage and Stevens names, it was probably made after 1941.

What is the age of a Springfield double barrel twenty gauge serial number 94337?

The Springfield line was sold by Stevens/Savage from about 1920 until the 1940's. If you need a closer estimate of the age, you can get the Stevens Historian's address from and send him $15 and the serial number.

How old is my Fulton Double Barrel 12 GA shotgun?

I had a fulton 20 double when I was 12 in 1953. It was probably over twenty years old then making it's mfg date maybe 1933 or even further back. Warren

What is value of a browning twenty 4Z?

Your Browning Light Weight 20ga auto-5 shotgun which was made in Belguim by FN for Browning in 1964 will have a value of between 460-600 dollars for a shotgun with the plain barrel,and a remaining finish of between 60%-90%.If you have a vent rib barrel 20ga.then the value would be between 575-850 dollars for a shotgun with the same percentage of original finish as quoted above.

Can you shoot twenty two L shells in a thirty two L rifle J Stevens A?

No. The .32 Long RIMFIRE is an obsolete cartridge no longer made. A .22 LR will fall all the way out of the barrel.

Is there such a thing as a twenty-two gauge shotgun?


What kind of barrel has 40 eyes 20 tails and has lots of fun?

A barrel full of twenty monkeys

What is the date of manufacture of your Browning Auto 5 shotgun serial 69z42552?

this is a 1969 light twenty shotgun auto5man

How much is a twenty eitht gage double barrel hammer gun SN4323 made by the American Gun Co in good working condition worth?

50-100 USD.

How much is a twenty eight gage double barrel hammer gun SN4323 made by the American Gun Co in good working condition worth?

50-100 USD.

Can you be twenty years old and own a gun?

Rifle and Shotgun only.

Can a twenty gage Mossberg shotgun shoot a slug if it has no choke in?

Yes, but, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!

What is the difference between a twelve gauge and twenty gauge shotgun?

Size of the bore.

What year is a double automatic shotgun with serial number 3A44945?

There were 2 distinct models of the Browning double auto shotguns made.the first models were the standard double auto,and light weight double auto shotguns which were made from 1952-1960.The second set were the twelvette double auto,and the twenty weight double auto.These were made from 1957-1971.The letter combination prefix of 3A would suggest that your Browning shotgun nwas made in the year 1963,which would make it the second set of shotguns mentioned.I hope that you find this info informative.

What is the priceof a magnum twenty browning shotgun?

100-1000 USD depending on specifics.

Would Serial number 6z 5116 be a belgium browning light twenty or is it a mag twenty?

This is a lightweight 20ga A5 made in 1966. The barrel should be marked for 2 3/4 shells. ***If the barrel is marked for 3" shells then it is not the original barrel. It is not safe to shoot 3" mag shells with the standard receiver.

What is a westpoint model 948e by Stevens arms worth?

I bought mine for $25 twenty years ago.

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What 2 combinations can be used to win in darts if last throw is a double bulls eye?

you can finish on two bulls eyes or treble twenty and double twenty

What is double twenty-five point five?


A barrel of rain water weighs twenty what would you add to make it fifteen?

I would add -5

Does J Stevens twenty two cal favorite rifle have the same serial number?

Serial numbers were not required at that time.

What is a Remington 1100 twenty gauge shotgun worth today?

100-8000 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have and its condition.

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