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These were printed like wallpaper -- even a nice one is worth only about 25 cents.

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What is the value of a 100 pesos Japanese Government note from the Philippines?


What is the value of 1 dollar in Philippines?

The amount is 43.79 pesos

What is the value of a japanese five pesos?

The value of one Japanese peso varies, however, it is predominately less than $3. Five pesos would be less than $20.

How much is 5000 cinco mil pesos from colombia worth?

Columbia cico mill pesos value in the philippines

Can Japanese Government Pesos be spent?

No. The Peso bills are from the Japanese occupation of the Philippines (1942-1944). Even in good condition, they have fairly little collectible value, and no monetary value. This is because so much was issued and even counterfeited by the US. These types of bills are regularly sold on Ebay. The Japanese produced occupation money in many currencies and denominations for use in captured countries.

How much the value of euro in the Philippines?

1 Euro = 0,05727 Philippine Pesos

What value is a 5 pesos Japanese gov?

From what I've seen there not worth more then face value.

Value of Japanese government ten pesos bill?

This is worth about 25 cents in American money. This is because there has been such a high rate of inflation in the country.

How much the value of 700 pounds in the Philippines?

700 British pounds = 47 535.2274 Philippine pesos

What is the difference of the money of the Philippines now and then?

Philippine money has higher value than now 1 pesos = 1 UsDollar

What is the value of a Japanese Ten pesos date October 11 1945 Serial 0490906?

Well, most of the pesos (the Japanese ones) are worth about $8.50 (probably more in your case.) Check out this site: (copy and paste)

What is the value of 20 pesos?

It is 20 pesos, of course!

Value of 1977 diez pesos estados unidos mexicanos?

1977 diez pesos what is the value

Value of 12000 Dos Mil Pesos?

Your question is strange. Is similar to say: "Value of 12000 Two thousand pesos?" 12000 pesos = Doce mil pesos. 2000 pesos = Dos mil pesos. For today 12000 pesos is around 996 Canadian dollars and 775 American dollars.

Total money supply in the Philippines as of may 2009?

The total amount of money in the Philippines last 2009 was about 4.98 Trillion pesos. Also in that same year Philippine money had received its highest value.

What is numeric value of three million five hundred pesos?

3,000,500 pesos.

What is the value of 2000 el banco de Mexico pesos?

the value is: 2000 Pesos is there an exchange rate in america for this peso

What is the current value of the us dollar in Mexican pesos?

1 dollar = 13.9850 pesos

What is the value in US dollars of 52000 1987 pesos?

52,000 1987 Pesos are worth 2,762 of today's Pesos, which is worth about $210 dollars.

What is the value of 50 pesos in US?

50 Mexican Pesos are worth about $4 US Dollars.

What is the value of 100 pesos?

About 3 dollars

What is the Value of 1977 cinco pesos?


What is the value of a 1948 cinco pesos in mint condition?

The cinco pesos coin is worth $12.50 in dollar.

1978 cien pesos value?

It depends on what country it's from. Pesos are used in many different countries.

What is the value of a 1987 20000 pesos el banco de Mexico?

1 or 2 current pesos.

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