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$300 Tops, if in good condition

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Q: What is the value of a Vito Leblanc Duke tenor sax?
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What brand is a vito clarinet?

Vito is one of Leblanc's brands and are good quality beginning to intermediate instruments.

What is a dazzler clarinet?

It is basicly a Leblanc Vito 7212 only in some great colors.

What is your leblanc vito v40 clarinet worth?

$80-$300 used, depending on condition.

Is the Yamaha vito the same as a Yamaha yas 23?

The main parts are from Yamaha but the pads are different and are glued in using hot glue for the Vito and the Yamaha pads are glued in using shellac and the lacquer is not the same on the Vito and Yamaha. Yamaha supply LeBlanc with parts only for the Vito 7131 model and KHS (Jupiter) supply parts for the Vito 7133 and Jupiter import the metal plates that get shaped into the body parts from Japan so there is a good chance the metal plates that Yamaha and Jupiter are using come from the same place in Japan. Leblanc assembles and finishes the Vito 7131 from Yamaha parts. The Vito 7133 is from KHS (Jupiter) but might be assembled and finished in Taiwan and not by Leblanc.

What are the top 20 brands of clarinets?

i am not sure what order but i know buffet Jupiter Yamaha sky Kohlert Prelude keilwerth Amati Howarth Leblanc Andino Noblet Model vito Selmer L. Rossi Patricola Barrington Palatino yanigasawa noblet LeBlanc

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