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Can't be answered with the info supplied.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester 1895 40cal made in 1917?
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What is the value of Winchester 1917 serial number 103963?

550-750 dollars.

What is value of us modelof 1917 Winchester and age searel?

With out a serial number I cannot say exactly when your model of 1917 Winchester was produced.I can say that Winchester produced 545,511 rifles between 1917-1919 for the U.S. gov. The going value of these rifles in fine condition have been selling for between 600-800 dollars as long as all parts are stamped Winchester,and the bore is in good condition.

Value 1917 enfield 30-06 Winchester 5 digit serial number?

1917 Winchester 30-06 has a 6 digit serial number I have a Winchester 30-06 w/a 5 digit serial number 485--

What is the value of a 1917 Winchester model 94 in .32 Special?

10-1000 USD depending on specifics.

What is the value of a Winchester Model Cf 1917 Rifle?

I have a Winchester 1917 serial 260###. I have taken the rifle to several shops and asked the value. It seem that the Winchester not a Remington is worth more. Mine is in excellent shape except for the front wooden part which was cut off by some idiot before I owned it. The values are from $400-$700.

When did they make the Winchester model 1917 300 caliber rifle?

Your Winchester model of the U S model 1917 30-06 caliber rifle was produced by Winchester from 1917-1919.

What is the age and value of Winchester model number 1894 serial number 817101?

The value depends on a lot of things, condition, etc. It was made in 1917.

What is the Model of a Winchester 40 cal rifle made in 1917 and What is its value in good condition?

You need to seek a professional appraisal

What is the value of a Winchester us model of 1917 serial 32391 bolt action?

If all the parts of your Winchester model of 1917 have the correct letter W on them,and the rifle in question retains the better part of the original blueing and a good bore.Then the value will be between 550-795 dollars,depending on the condition of the stock and metal.

Age of Winchester model 1903 serial Numberr 19994?

it should be the model 1917 made by Winchester for WW1. Made Sept. 1917

How much is your 1917 s and w 32 cal revolver?

what is the value of 32 cal s and w ctge five shot revolver 1895

What year was winchester model 94 serial number 814676?

your winchester model 1894 was made by winchester in 1917.