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Need to know what model winchester it is?

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester 38wcf?
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What is the worth of Winchester rifle model 1873 serial 341172b 38wcf?

100-1000 USD and up depending on specifics

How old is How old is Winchester 1892 38wcf serial 259835?

with the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 1892 rifle in 38-40 Win. was made in the year 1904.

What is the value of a Spanish 6 shot revolver in 38wcf caliber manufacturer Crucero?

50 or so

What calibers was the original 1892 Winchester made in?

The Winchester model 1892 was chambered in the following calibers.25-20WCF, 32-20WCF, 38-40WCF, or 44-40WCF.These may be also marked as followed,32WCF, 38WCF, and 44WCF.

What is the age and caliber of model 1894 Serial 83930?

your model 1894 Winchester was made in 1897,as to the caliber it should be marked on the top of the barrel just ahead of the bolt 30wcf=30-30 Winchester,32wcf=32 Winchester special,38wcf=38-55winchester etc.

What caliber is the Winchester 73 lever action?

The Winchester model 1873 rifle was chambered in 3 different calibers.The 2 most popular were the 44-40Win.(44WCF).38-40Win.(38WCF).and later on in production the 32-20Win.(32WCF).

What is the year mfg of a Winchester 1892 serial 173543 cal 38-49?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1892 rifle was made in the year 1900.The caliber of your rifle should read 38WCF,which means 38-40 Win.

What the value of a Winchester model 92 38wcf half otagon barrel made in 1908?

With out a much more detailed description of your rifles overall condition to include the amount of original finish remaining on your rifle,I can only give you a rough estimate of between 450-1,750 dollars.

Winchester model 140 value?

value Winchester 140

What is the value of a Model 94 358 Winchester?

I am not sure about the current value, but it is not a 358 Winchester, but is a 356 Winchester.

How do you tell caliber of a Winchester 1873?

There are 3 different calibers that could be marked on the barrel ahead of the receiver,32-20Win.(32WCF),38-40Win.(38WCF),and 44-40 Win.(44WCF).

What is the value of Winchester model?

What is the value of my Winchester 94

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