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What is the value of a Winchester model 1911 12 gage semi auto shoutgun made in 1914 in 100 original condition?


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The Winchester model 1911 is worth about $200.00 even in excellent condition. This is surprising as this was the first semi auto shotgun that Winchester made and they made only about 83,000. I have one that was made in 1913. I don't shoot it anymore. It is actually an automatic as it will keep firing as long as I hold down the trigger and I have shells in the tube. This is a malfunction of the action that causes the recoil to fire the next shell in the chamber.


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No way to answer without knowing which Winchester you are taling about, i.e., rifle model, shoutgun model, caliber/gauge.

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You will have to pay 3,000 dollars or more for a original Winchester model 1873 lever action Winchester rifle in the condition you described.

Your Winchester model 1890,which was made in 1911,is currently going for between 250 dollars in 10% original condition ,up to 1,000 dollars for one in 85% original condition.

I am assuming you have a standard grade Winchester model 12 shotgun?With that being the case your model 12 in mint condition(90%) original condition should be worth 475-500 dollars.

Your 1937 produced Winchester model 62 is going for between 130 dollars with 10% of the original finish up to 475 dollars for one retaining 90% of the original condition.

your Winchester model 1894,which was made in 1955 is going for between 250-375 dollars depending on amount of original finish and condition.

Your winchester model 670 rifle is valued at between 140-200 dollars for a rifle in 60%-90% original condition and a good bore.

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Your Winchester model 62 was made by Winchester in 1937.As To the value of your Winchester model 62,these are selling for between 130 dollars for a gun with 10% original finish remaining all the way up to 1,000 dollars for a fine specimen in 98% original condition with a mint bore.

Assuming that you have a standard grade winchester model 12 shotgun without a cutts compensator,and it is in good(80%) original condition? The value would be 375 dollars.

A winchester model 1894 rifle made in the year 1957 will bring between 350-550 dollars based on its overall original condition,and a good bore.

The prices for a Winchester model 141 will vary depending on condition. The prices for one in good condition start at an estimated $299.

Your Winchester model 1894 carbine was made in 1929.That said these pre-war winchesters have respectable value.A model 1894 in 60% original condition can fetch 400 dollars and a gun in 80% original condition with a fine bore may bring 650 dollars and upward.

your winchester model 1894 trapper is selling for between 150-550 dollars depending on the overall condition of your rifle and the remaining original finish.

Your Winchester model 1894 was produced in 1911,as to value they are going for anywhere from 475 dollars in a 10% original finish condition all the way to 2,300 for one in pristine 90% condition. You could add 20% if you have a takedown model,and 75%-150% if it is a deluxe model depending on condition.

Your winchester model 1894 rifle which was made by winchester in 1932 can range in value between 375-700 dollars dpending on condition and the amount of original finish remaining along with a decent bore.

your Winchester model 52B in unaltered and 90% condition is valued at 2,250.00.If it is in 80% condition it would be valued at 1,650.00.

1958 model 70 Winchester 3006 good condition

No way of knowing without you providing a detailed description of your shotguns overall condition,original finish remaining,and bore condition.

Your 1956 made Winchester model 1894 are going for between 250-500 dollars depending on the overall condition and amount of original finish on the barrel and wood stock.

Your Winchester model 62 was produced in 1947.The value is running between 250-350 dollars depending on original condition of the wood and metal.

The Winchester Model 1906 was Winchesters answer to a reduced cost Model 1890. One in very good condition could bring as much $750 to $800 dollars, although you would probably have to find a Winchester collector to get that much. One with only about 10% of its original finish left but still in working condition, $150 to $200 sounds about right..

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