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Depends on what year it was made. What is the barrel length? Round or octogon? You need to give out more info on codition and such. Could be worth $75 up to $75,000

AnswerCanadian centennial model with hexagon barrel

The Canadian Centennial model, like any commemorative Winchester, has to be absolutely new in the original box with all paperwork and accessories to have any appreciable value over a standard shooter-grade Model 94. If you do have all of the original paperwork, box, etc, and the gun is still truly unfired, you might realize up to around $600. ANY flaws, and the gun is back to $150-$200 tops.

AnswerI just sold a Winchester Model 94 Ser # 1393112 for $270.00 on 7/28/2005 at a public auction. Answer94 30 30 Winchester with octagon barrel AnswerI have a '94 Winchester, saddle ring carbine, round bbl, mfg. in 1912. It has perhaps 30% of original blue but is mostly case color steel. The gun has been used over the years but the bore is clean and bright and the wood is in good shape with the normal number of scratches and dings expected in 90+ years use.

At a gun show in Dallas recently, a fellow offered $850. for the gun but it has sentitmental value and I intend to keep it.

Winchester model 94 with serial number 1145676 does not have an octagonal barrel and has a 24 inch barrel including the chamber

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50-500 usd

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester model 94 30-30 octogonal barrel and made in 1950 very good condition.?
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