What is the value of a Wissner player piano?

The Wissner Piano Company (also known as Wissner & Sons) was established by Otto Wissner and his sons, William and Otto, Jr. in 1878. Their factories were located in Brooklyn, New York. Wissner is one of the lesser-known American piano manufacturers who built superb pianos of the highest quality and construction, but because of poor marketing, never achieved the world wide recognition they deserved. Their pianos were some of the finest, most expensive pianos money could buy. In addition to building pianos under the Wissner and Wissner & Sons brand names, the firm built pianos under the brand names of Leckerling, Reinhard, and Putnam. In the early 20th Century the firm was controlled by the Jansen Piano Company. The Wissner Company went out of business in about 1942 with the onset of World War 2.