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a little more than what u would spend to buy a new version of the weapon now ontodays maRKETs

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Q: What is the value of a World War 2 Walther P-38 pistol with holster and spare clip?
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What is the value of a World War 2 browning 9mm pistol with matching sns German proof marks original leather holster with spare clip good condition?

To be certain, write down the serial numbers and go to a good book store and check in the current "Shooter's Bible" or other collectible gun price guide. Ought to be somewhere around $1000.

What is the value of a1943 Mauser P38 pistol?

value depends on overall condition......................

What is the value of 1940 Luger 9mm?

lugers bring a fairly good price in todays market. however, the value will depend on the overall condition of the pistol. in todays market one in shooting condition can fetch $700 + A real nice luger can fetch up to $2,500 or more, plus more with a matching holster and spare magazine..........................

1936 Luger 9mm s42 entire gun listed in very good condition what is the value of this?

your pistol was made by Mauser factory. value of any weapon depends of overall condition. What you may perceive as 'very good' a buyer may think it is only 'good'... You don't indicate if it has the holster, tool and spare magazine. that would make a difference in price. if you have a pic send it to me..................

Do the spare mag two pack spring Taurus PT-92 spare magazines work with the Taurus 247 HPA Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol or are there others that work with the Taurus 247 HPA Spring Airsoft pistol?

ye, i have the Taurus 247 and the PT-92 mags work a treat.

Where can you find spare parts for a Diana 717 air pistol?

you can start by searching the web for "Airgun Repair' or see the link below.

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What is the value of a 1913 German luger with matching magazines holster worth in excellent condition?

prices vary on all lugers. with a luger, 2 matching mags and holster it is called a 'rig'. prices can go up to $2,000 more or less. Go to: GUNSAMERICA.COM and look up lugers listed for prices

What do police officers have on their uiltiltybelt?

For uniformed officers it may vary slightly with the agency or department in question - but usually they carry: service firearm - spare magazine(s) - handcuffs - key retainer - baton holder - Taser (if issued) - rubber glove container - radio holster.

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What is the Value of a luger 7.65 serial 64?

value would depend on overall condition. metal finish, original, bore condition, manufacturer, date.......................holster, spare magazine ??

What is the value of a Crosman model 112 target pistol in good condition?

The model 112 was made between 1950-1954 it is a .22 caliber air pistol (see the link below for the owners manual) In good condition it is worth around $85 - $110. Crosman warns that if you have the original C02 Spare cylinder, Do not use it. The Cylinder also adds 30% to the value