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What is the value of a blank unstamped quarter with no edge ridges?

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These unstamped quarter errors generally sell for a couple dollars.

2006-09-08 19:38:53
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Q: What is the value of a blank unstamped quarter with no edge ridges?
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What is the value of a double sided blank quarter with no ridges on the side?

Blank quarter planchet; Silver planchet-$35.00 compound planchet-$4.00

What is the value of a 1944 unstamped penny?

...If you can read the date on the penny, it is not an unstamped penny.

What is the value of a blank quarter on both sides with the imprint of the ridges?

You have what's called a "flan". It's a coin blank that was put through the machine that puts on the edges, but was accidentally missed when the blanks were fed through the press that strikes images on the front and back. If it's a blank for a modern clad quarter with a copper core (check the edge) it might sell for about $5. However if it's an old silver quarter it could be worth 10 or 12 times that much.

What is the value of a blank quarter?

You have what's called a "flan". Flans are created when a coin blank accidentally slips through the Mint without getting put into the press that strikes the design. Assuming the flan is a modern clad blank (look for the copper edge) its value as of mid-2011 is about $5 if it has reeding (ridges) on the edge and a raised rim, and about $10 without those features. If it's an older silver blank, those values go up at least 10 times.

What is the value of an unstamped penny?

Please be more specific. What's missing? Post new question.

What is the ascii value of blank space?

The ASCII value of blank space ' ' is 32.

Does a blank cell has a numerical value of one?

No. A blank cell has a numerical value of zero.

What does a blank cell in excel have the numeric value of?

A blank cell has a numeric value of zero.

What is8times blank equal?

Need the value of blank.

I have a 1987 penny that was not stamped fully is it worth anything?

Yep! Depending on how much of it is left unstamped, the value range from $2 to $10.

What is the value of a quarter blank on the back side and stamped on the face side?

Check with any local coin collector for sure, but this coin can be worth a LOT of money.

How much is faceless quarter worth It has no ridges on sides no face or back?

If it's so worn that there's no face, reeds (ridges), or detail at all, how do you know it's even a quarter? Assuming it's actually a quarter, for a coin to have so much wear suggests that it's quite old. If that's the case, odds are that it's made of silver, so there's value for that. By weight, it's currently worth around $5.50 for the silver content.

What the value of a 1783 quarter?

a quarter

What s the value of a Canadian quarter 1964?

is there a value on a canadian 1964 quarter

What is the value of a 1951 quarter?

The value of a 1951 quarter will value depending on the condition and where it was minted. The value ranges from 3.52 to 4.30.

What is the face value of a US quarter?

A US quarter has a face value of 25 cents.

What is the value of 1967 quarter dollar?

A 1967 Washington quarter has no silver and is face value.

What is the value of a 1961 - D Blank on reverse side?

A 1961 blank what?????

What is the value of 1976 quarter?

its just a quarter spend it!

Value of 1914 quarter?

There is no such thing as a 1914 quarter.

What is the value of one quarter of 29 across?

The value of one quarter of 29 is 7.25. One quarter is equal to a fourth of the value of a number. To get the answer you would divide 29 by 4.

What is the value of a quarter with no head and no tail?

August 7, 2009 The coin you have described seems to be a "blank planchet". If it has a raised rim but no other details it is valued at $5. If there is no rim it is valued at $10.

What is the value of a 1922 quarter?

I believe that a 1922 quarter is made of almost pure silver with a value of about $3

What is the 2000 quarter dollar value?

In the year 2000, the value of the quarter dollar which is 25 cents was $0.25.

What is the monetary value of a 1968 Canadian silver quarter?

a quarter