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What is the value of a collection of 40 plus Patrick Roy hockey cards including a rookie?

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What is an autographed Patrick Roy rookie card worth?

value for patrick roy rookie card signed

Have a Patrick roy hockey card from 1993 from classic pro hockey prospects want to know how much its worth?

This is probably the rookie card you have when Roy played for the CANADIENS its worth at least 300$ and if its signed maybe 1000$

What is an NHL rookie hockey player do?

play hockey for what ever team that drafted them

Does hockey have a rookie of the year award?

the calder trophy is given to the rookie of the year in the nhl

What is the value of a Patrick Ewing rookie card?

I would say a mint Patrick ewing rookie card would be worth about 250 dollars

What was Patrick roys rookie year?


Why is it maurice Richard rookie year is 1951-52?

There was no hockey cards made in his rookie year.

How much is a Patrick Kane rookie worth?


How long is a player considered a rookie in hockey?

1 year

What is the value of a Dave Keon rookie hockey card?

What is the value of a psa 7 dave keon rookie card ?

What is the value of a Patrick Roy rookie card reprint?

About $5

Who was the NBA Rookie of the Year after Michael Jordan?

Patrick Ewing

What is the value of a Patrick Roy rookie card?


What awards have Patrick Kane won?

rookie of the year of 2007

What is a prospect in hockey?

a prospect is a rookie or a high class young player

What is the most exspensive hockey card?

Wayne Gretzky rookie card

Who won the NHL rookie of the year?

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks

Who was Indy racing league's rookie of the year in 2005?

Danica Patrick.

What is the most valuble hockey card?

in my opinion the most valuable hockey card would be rocket Richard 's rookie card

Has there ever been a rookie in the pro bowl?

Patrick Willis and Jake Long

Who is the best bakugan players in the world?

Avian Gantt,Patrick White,Eric Leuis, and a very good rookie patrick mason

What are the junior age groups in hockey?

Bantamm, pee wee, squirt, mite, and rookie

How much is a Dion Phaneuf rookie jersey hockey card worth?

It is worth 12 dollars

How much is paul coffey rookie card?

A Paul Coffey rookie card is worth anywhere from $50 to $60 dollars. Paul Coffey is a retired professional hockey player.

Where can you find a free online price guide for HOCKEY cards?

Darnell nurse rookie card price