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Everyone is familiar with sports cards, but there are a wide variety of cards and collectible card games that have been developed over the years that are not based on sports. The photographs and artwork is often extremely well done and collectible in its own right. There are also trading cards associated with games such as Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. Explore the world of trading cards with us in this category.

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Where do you find basketball cards and their value?

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go to and subscribe for a subscription of their magazine for a year. This is how you find basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, tennis, football, hockey, and nascar cards their value.

What are some types of football and baseball card packs from years 1990 to today that could contain an expensive or good card?

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Football and baseball card packs from the years 1990 to today can contain some valuable and rare cards. Some of the types of card packs that are known to contain these valuable cards are the following:

  • Factory sealed wax packs
  • Jumbo packs
  • Hobby packs
  • Tin packs

Factory sealed wax packs are the classic choice for card collecting. They usually contain a variety of cards from single teams or sets. Jumbo packs are larger than the regular packs and contain more cards. These packs are known to contain some rarer cards. Hobby packs are packs that are sold exclusively in hobby stores. They contain some of the rarest cards and can include autographed cards. Finally tin packs are limited edition packs that come in a metal tin and contain some of the rarest cards.

How do you beat the egyptian god cards?

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Maha Vailo, then equip Metalmorph, Axe of despair,horn of the unicorn, Butterfly dagger elma, And megamorph. then attack using double attack spell to destroy 2 gods in 1 turn. (for an added effect use monster reborn to bring one back and attack the remaining god card if possible XD)

How many cards are in a standard deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

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A regular/ standard booster pack of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards contains nine cards - one of them guaranteed to be Rare or of greater rarity. The Duelist Packbooster packs only have five cards inside. The Dark Beginning, Dark Revelation, and Dark Legends booster packs have 12 cards inside.

What is the value of Star Trek trading cards?

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The value of Star Trek trading cards is dependent upon factors such as the year of manufacture, the series, condition and demand for such cards. Cards could be valued at as little as $1 for one card to about $100 for an entire collection.

What is the value of a sheet of uncut star wars trading cards?

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How much is the Return of the Jedi card worth

What is the value of a 1988 marvel Spider-Man card?

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None of them are particularly valuable. So many people thought they would be collectible that they bought a ton of them, and now, many years later, no one wants to buy them for anything beyond the initial value because there are so many readily available. Many are ASKING for high prices, but not many at all are GETTING those high prices.

When a player plays a card that requires them to discard from their hand but they do not have a hand can they still play the card in Yu-Gi-Oh?

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The answer is NO. If there is a cost requiring you to discard a card, you cannot play it. You also can't, for example, play a Card Destruction if there are no cards in either players hand or play Raigeki when your opponent controls no monsters.

How much is a shiny Celebi card worth?

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I've seen it going (on average) for about $55.00 US. I have also seen it go for as high as $200.00.

How do you tell if there is a holographic card in a Yu-Gi-Oh pack?

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Some people will use high quality scales to try to measure the precise weight of the packs to determine if a rare card is inside.

Unfortunately, these people often keep these packs for themselves to open and resell at a higher value, and then sell then dump the packs without the rare cards.

Best cards for an ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh dragon deck?

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Dragons Roar-Starter Deck


Luster Dragon x2 (4star 1900 ATK not the other one)

Red Eyes B. Dragon

Armed Dragon lv 3 x2

Armed Dragon lv5 x2


Masked Dragon x3

Red-Eyes B. Chick

Red-Eyes Darkness

Twin Headed Behemoth


Creature Swap x2

Heavy Storm

Mystical Space typhoon

Nobleman of Crossout x2

Pot of Greed

Premature Burial

Reload x2

Snatch steal

stamping destruction x3

Swords Of Revealing light

The Graveyard in the 4th Dimension


Call of the haunted


Curse of Anubis

Dragon's Rage x2

Interdimensional Matter Transporter x2

Reckless Greed

The Dragon's Bead

Trap Jammer

Where is the best place to get yu-gi-oh cards from?

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For most cards search a variety of cards sites: (best place to buy some singles from structure decks) (so far seems to give the best deal on Scrap-Iron Scarecrow) (if they have the card) As a last option you can always search but you will most likely not get the best deal (shipping is part of price)

How much are yu-gi-oh cards?

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The value on a yugioh card is determined by how useful it is and how hard it is to find it.

for example:

Solemn Warning: is a very useful card and is considerably hard to find, and has a value upwards of 40 dollars at the time of this answer

freya, spirit of victory: once a very hard card to find, but little use to the meta game, she ranged from 20-30 dollars, and upon reprint, dropped to about 12 dollars for the secret rare version.

dark hole: reprinted several times, but still considerably useful, even the common versions of this card are about 2-3 dollars in good condition.

random common with no notable play in the meta game 1/100th of a penny

random common with somewhat notable play in the meta game .50-5 bucks (average)

random rare with no notable play in the meta game, .25-1 buck.

random rare with somewhat notable play in the meta game 1-10 bucks

random hologram card with no notable play in the meta game, .50-5 bucks.

random hologram card with somewhat notable play in the meta game, 5-30 bucks.

well known meta game holo's. 5-100 bucks.

for more information on a specific card, consult the average prices on eBay and other card sale sites.

What is the difference between a real yu-gi-oh card and a fake one?

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Yu-Gi-Oh cards are manufactured by Upper Deck, longtime fabricator of baseball cards. Game cards are printed on high-quality cardstock using premium ink, and have a hologram embossed on the bottom-right. The hologram is the most difficult to duplicate and is the clearest giveaway. Some other, more subtle signs:

- The typefaces used in Yu-Gi-Oh are expensive and have been modified. Fake cards may not reproduce the fonts exactly.

- Yu-Gi-Oh cards, including holographic ones, have a semigloss finish. Fakes may have a shinier or matter finish.

- The high-quality cardstock used in game cards resists creasing when bent up to ninety degrees from the short sides. Fakes will fold almost immediately.

- Real cards, when ripped, have a black ribbon running through the center. Fakes usually don't.

- Holographic cards use either holofoil or fine prismatic foil. If the holographic card has a starburst pattern, large blocks of hologram, spirals, stars, or other details, it's a fake. Only the card art shows hologram foil, not the text or border. The ink almost never flakes off of the foil.

- Fakes may seem overly dark, blurry, washed-out, or have artifacts from the scanning process.

- Know which cards are holographic and which aren't. Yu-Gi-Oh cards are generally not printed in both holographic and standard versions.

Remember, if you have any doubt that the card is authentic, don't buy it. Purchase cards only in sealed packs, sealed decks, or from reputable dealers. Always closely examine cards before proceeding in trades.

Can you put any card in your deck in Yu-Gi-Oh?

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If you're talking about main deck, then you can put any card in as long as it is a valid game-legal Yu-Gi-Oh! card (so no old God Cards)and is not forbidden by the current ban list, nor can you exceed the stated number of a restricted card. You also cannot put Synchro, Fusion or XYZ monsters in your main deck, these go in the Extra Deck, or Side Deck.

Is 10 cents too low for a yu-gi-oh card?

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It depends on the card. Some commons may be worth that much, but many more powerful commons are worth around 50 cents. Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, Ultimate Rare, Ghost Rare, and Parallel Rare cards will never be worth only 10 cents.

Are Mork and Mindy trading cards worth anything?

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yes, they're worth 25 cents, if u buy them, ur awesomme

How much would a first edition plain Flareon be worth?

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id say its worth seven or a dollars

How much does a pack of yu-gi-oh cards cost?

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Usually a pack in Florida's Walmart or Walgreens may cost up to $10.00 with 40
cards, a rule book, a mat, and a piece of paper which tells you what strategies
you can use, with every card in your deck. This is only for real cards in a pack.
For fake card information is out of my reach because I only collect real cards.
As well, you can also buy booster packs with 4-15 cards. The more money and less cards it has inside, the more rarer it is.
A little packet of 9 cards is worth £7.00 and a starter pack of 40 cards is normally worth £12.00 to £20.00 depending on the rarity of the pack. Same goes for the little packs.

What is the value of a Elvis boxcar enterprises inc 1978 complete set of cards?

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At least $400. dollars, they are a somewhat rare find, as well as very popular, people look for items of this kind, especially if there in very good to excellent condition all 36 ct wax packs in orig box, like I have.

How much is Luster Dragon Worth?

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The price of a card will almost always depend on the rarity of it. As Stardust Dragon was printed in multiple rarities, the answer to this question cannot be determined by the information presented.

A super rare is usually $8-10

the turbo pack rare is around $6

the secret rare tin promo (original) is worth around $10-12

the ultra is around $15

the ultimate should be at $15-17

the ghost rare is about $25

i heard that there was a stardust dragon misprint with a FUSION bordering, man one of those would be worth $1,000 in ebay, like that fiendish chain misprint

Why are First Edition yu-gi-oh cards more expensive than Unlimited Edition cards?

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The First Edition cards are more expensive because there are fewer of them. They only make one First Edition release and after that it's all unlimited. Fewer copies of something makes it more rare and hence, more valuable.


First Edition are somewhat more expensive because you get a little extra writing on the cards. Even from the original country Japan, they don't use 1st Edition cards because theirs no such thing. Either that or the cards I got were just Unlimited Edition Japanese cards anyway.

What is the value of a 1989 Bowman Ken Griffey Jr Rookie card number 220?

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1989 Bowman Ken Griffey Jr Rookie card number 220A 1989 Bowman Ken Griffey Jr Rookie card number 220 has a book value of about $6.00 in near/mint -mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important.

Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

How much is a 1992 doug piatt baseball card worth?

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This common card is worth less than 10 cents.