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James Bond

This is a category about the fictional character James Bond. This category is only to do with the Bond films and the Ian Fleming Bond novels.

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What did James Bond call Scramonga third nipple?

Roger Moore as Bond called it a " A Superfluous Mammary Papillas." with that coy manner that let's you know, that were it not for polite society, you would be relegated to corner sitting while modeling the very latest in dunce-caps. Because Scaramanga had one. That's why Q made him one so he could pass for him as it was one of his distinguishing features in the movie. ...
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Who is James Bond's Girlfriend?

He has no girlfriend but the closest in film was Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. ...
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Does Shirley Bassey star in live and let die?

No, it is B J Arnou (Betty Arnou) who sings Live and Let Die in the club scene. ...
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Indian actor in a bond movie?

Tennis star and actor Vijay Amritraj was in Octopussy.
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How much does it cost to fix a bullet hole in a car?

find a bullet of the same caliber. shoot the person that made the hole. remove bullet from person. use bullet to plug hole in car ...
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What is a spy novel organization?

SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is perhaps one of the best known spy-novel organizations. ...
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What secret service agency does 007 work for?

He works for a government organisation called MI6. Which stands for Military Intelligence 6, The UK's official spy agency. (Yes, there were or still are MI1-5 too). The official name is "Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)" - but it is known informally as MI6. ...
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Did Jimmie Page play on Goldfinger?

According to him he did . In the documentary "It Might Get Loud " He says he did and they got it in one take . ...
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Who created 'James Bond'?

Ian Fleming created the fictional character James Bond in 1953.
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What country was Casino Royale filmed?

The film was primarily shot at Barrandov Studios in Prague, with additional location shooting in the Bahamas, Italy, and the United Kingdom. ...
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What is roger Moore's net worth?

all the octopussy he wants
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What was the name of the bond girl in moonraker?

James Bond girl in Moonraker is Lois Chiles (Dr Holly Goodhead).
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Who was the third person to play James Bond?

1 - Sean Connery, born August 25, 1930. Played Bond from 1962-1967, 1971, 1983. 2 - George Lazenby, born September 5, 1939. Played Bond in 1969. 3 - Roger Moore, born October 14, 1927. Played Bond from 1973-1985. 4 - Timothy Dalton, born March 21, 1946. Played Bond on screen in 1987-1989, and stayed with the role publicly until 1994. 5 - Pierce Brosnan, born May 16, 1953. Began in 1995. 6- Daniel Wroughton Craig, born 2 March 1968. He made his début as the character in...
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What bond film made the most money?

Casino Royale
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Which English actors have played James Bond?

Roger Moore and Daniel Craig. Previous answer also listed Sean Connery but he is Scottish, and Timothy Dalton, but he is Welsh, and forgot David Niven who is definitely English. ...
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James Bond nick names?

007 (double O 7) NO $#!+
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How many James Bond movies have been made?

There are 23 including the new bond film that is being made [it will be out in 2012] ...
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What did Madonna sing in did the James Bond film?

Die another day is the name of the song, and movie.
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Who plays M in latest Bond films?

Judy Dench
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Where was James when he wrote the book of James?

Darude-Sandstorm If we cannot agree on who wrote James (author anonymous) then it's impossible to know where the alleged author were when he wrote the book. ...
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What Oscars have James Bonds movies won?

Statistics Total Oscar Nominations: 14 Total Oscar Wins: 4 Goldfinger (1964) in 1965 Winner Best Effects, Sound Effects (Norman Wanstall) Thunderball (1965) in 1966 Winner Best Effects, Special Visual Effects (John Stears) Diamonds Are Forever (1971) in 1972 Nomination Best Sound (Gordon K. McCallum, John W. Mitchell, Al Overton) Live And Let Die (1973) in 1974 Nomination Best Music, Song (Paul and Linda McCartney for "Live and Let Die") The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) in 1978 Nomination Best Art Direction - Set Decoration (Ken Adam, Peter Lamont, Hugh Scaife) Nomination Best Music, Original Score (Marvin Hamlisch) Nomination Best...
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How many wives did James Bond have?

Bond was only married once, to Teresa Draco.
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How many James Bond films have there been so far?

The last James Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace", was the 22nd Bond movie. Bond #23 is scheduled for November 2012. Daniel Craig, the sixth actor that plays the caracter of James Bond in movies #21 an #22 (after Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan), has already agreed to play in this film as well. This includes only films made by EON Productions. There are James Bond movies that have been made by other producers, like "Never Say Never...
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What is a phosphoester bond?

A phosphoester bond is the same as an ester bond, but contains a phosphorous where the carbonyl carbon is. Examples: ATP, Phosphoric acid, Phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP), etc. They are very common in glycolysis. They are used to store readily available energy in the body. If you look up "ester" on Wikipedia, you will see a picture of phosphoric acid (a phosphoester). ...