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I recently saw one on that was similar except that it was fully engraved. Their selling price was listed at $1095 but did not get any buyers. Hope this helps some

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Why the handles of a screwdriver are made of inselator answer in two lines?

the handles are made of insulator because if you are working with electricity you wont hurt yourself or if you are working with hot things you won't burn yourself

What is the value of a Daisy Power line Model 1200 BB Pistol in Excellent working condition?

If the WORKING condition is Excellent. What condition is the pistol itself in. Is it also in Excellent condition or average condition

What is the approximate value of a SAVAGE model 99c made in 1901?

If the rifle is in reasonably good, working, and mostly original condition, the likely retail value would be between $700 and $800. If in excellent and fully original condition, the value could be as high as $1000 or more, depending on the presence of rare features. By contrast, a working but beat up or modified would likely be in the $250 to $350 range.

Have Crosman 622 pellet rifle with scope Not working but in excellent condition What is it worth?

In excellent working condition it would be worth between $75-$95. Like New it is worth around $110. W/O scope.

What three indicators in Task Manager can be used to find which program has a memory leak?

Working Set, Handles, and Thread columns

What is value crosman mark 1 pellet 22 cal gun with original case?

What is the condition of the air gun? Without that information it is impossible to give you an estimate of the current value. Is it excellent, very good, good, fair, poor, not working.

What is the value of a good working order Crosman model 38T 177 6 shot Co2 in excellent almost new condition in the original box in good shape?

It would be worth between $65 - $75, Add 10% for the box

Where do you get your working papers signed?

For a minor in the United States, most working forms have to be signed by someone designated by the school board for the school district the student attends. Usually the principle of the school handles these.

How much is a 18ct gold full hunter Elgin pocket watch made in 1888 in excellent working condition?

if its working well over £2000

Various sources of raising working capital?

private investers are an excellent way to raise the capital.

What is the value of Westinghouse type F sewing machine in cabinet and working condition?

it is in excellent condition

What is the value of a 1953 Rodney sewing machine in excellent working condition?

$3000.00 worth in condition

What is the value of a working Crosman AIR-17 in excellent condition?

It nice to have someone ask a question with all the information I need to answer it. The AIR-17 in Excellent and working condition is worth around $130. In pristine (Like New) it is worth around $150.

How do you make an excellence physics working model?

a physics model can be excellent if it has a right demonstration correct working and display and capability to impress the audience right;y

How much is a working marksman air pistol model mp worth in original box and instructions?

It all depends on the condition of the pistol. Please rate it as Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good or excellent. Like all antiques it depends on the current condition.

What is an antique Hand Klaxon horn worth?

In working ,original condition..........$100.00 to $250.00. Possibly more, with original bracket.

Why is Lindsay Davenport working as a commentator for ESPN?

Because she knows the game for obvious reasons and is an excellent commentator.

What is the value of a S and W model 80 BB gun in excellent working order?

50 USD

How do you get rid of mid section fat mainly love handles if you already have a health body fat percentage?

by working on the abs with lots of sit-ups.

What is the names for Halloween?

The original working title for the movie Halloween is The Babysitter Murders.

What was the original working title for Star Wars Return of the Jedi?

Revenge of the Jedi.

Which Steven Spielberg film's original working title was A Boy's Life?


What do you need to play diablo 2 expansion?

the original game and a working computer.

What is the worth of a DeLuxe sewing machine made in Japan 1952?

If it is in excellent working condition it is worth $15-$30.

What is the value of a Howard Miller Grandfather clock model 610-259?

If it is in excellent working condition about $1500.