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What is the value of a copper quarter if the year is in the forties?


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Would have to know WHY it is copper. In the 1940's there was no copper core in the quarter, so it can't be a lamination error. If it was struck on a cent planchet, it would be obviously undersized and worth up to $150. If struck on a planchet intended for some foreign coin, it could be worth several hundred dollars but it would be very difficult to locate an interested collector. If it just has a copper color because a high school physics class was experimenting with electroplating (my class only used dimes and pennies) or has had a reaction to contact with some chemical it is still worth about $.75 to melt for the silver content.


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It's copper-nickel not silver. 1964 was the last year for 90% silver quarters.

In the year 2000, the value of the quarter dollar which is 25 cents was $0.25.

If it's so worn that you can't make out the year, it's only worth its metal content. If it's an old silver coin, it might be worth $2.50 or so as scrap. If it's a modern copper-nickel quarter that is that worn down, it's only worth a quarter.

No. This would be the year the mint made quarters from copper-nickel.

A silver quarter is 90% silver and 10% copper but the last year they were minted was 1964. Your quarter contains no silver whatsoever.

25 cents. 1861 is the year Kansas became a state. The quarter was minted in 2005.

The value of a silver quarter will vary on the year it was minted, the mint mark, and of course, its mint state. If you provide to me a specific coin, I will be able to relay its worth.

1930 was the last year for a Standing Liberty quarter, with a date of 1941 it's a Washington quarter. Post new question.

Almost 2 BILLION were struck that year, spend it.

If the date is 1895 it's a Barber quarter, the first year of issue for the Standing Liberty is 1916.

1861 is the year Kansas became a state. The quarter was minted in 2005 and is worth 25 cents.

This year is still in circulation and is only face value.

A 1983 Lincoln cent is actually copper plated zinc, 1982 was the last year for copper pennies. It's just a penny.

zero dollars . it is a quarter made by those machines that makes ur quarter ancient . As said the USA did not have any quarters at the year of 1830 . i hope that helps

1788 is the year Massachusetts became a state, but the quarter was minted in 2000. It's worth 25 cents.

1890 is the year Idaho became a state. The Idaho state quarter was minted in 2007, and is worth 25 cents.

25 cents. The last year for silver quarters was 1964.

No US quarters of that date first year was 1796

1796 is the first year of issue, post new question.

If you mean it has no Mintmark, value depends on the year it was struck.

Imagine you have 2 different types of bonds:Compound:Let's say bond value is £100 and you get 4% quarterly interest on this investment.Your bond value after one quarter will be:Bond Value=£100Interest Earned: 4%=£4Total Value=£104After 2nd quarter, the bond value would be:Opening Value from quarter 1=£104Interest Earned: 4%=£4.16Total Value=££108.16After 3rd quarter, the bond value would be:Opening Value from quarter 1=£108.16Interest Earned: 4%=£4.33Total Value=££112.49After 4th quarter(or after a year), the bond value would be:Opening Value from quarter 1=£112.49Interest Earned: 4%=£4.50Total Value=££116.99SimpleBond Value=£100Interest Earned=16%(because it's 4% per quarter and there are 4 quarters in a year)=£16Total Bond Value=£116so bond value after a year is more under Compound than it is under Simple interest bond.The reason is because simple interest is calculated on one single figure while compound interest is calculated over the opening figure of month,quarter or year.So compound interest gives more interest income and hence it's better than simple interest bond.

8-15-11>> 1796 was the first year of issue for the US quarter. It's a very rare date. The value of an authentic example in the lowest collectible grade starts at $10.000.00.

American pennies have been copper in every year except 1943, when copper was scarce and pennies were made of steel. These days, pennies are more zinc than copper.

Yes. It's made of 90% silver and 10% copper. 1964 was the last year for silver quarters.

there are 3 months in quarter of a year

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