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A good way to check McDonald's hockey collectables is to log onto .You can sign up for free...check it out

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Where is the best place to buy hockey cards?

walmart has lots of hockey cards the mall .Try going to hockey

Does McDonalds accept debit cards?

Yes they do, but they are treated as credit cards

Where to sell hockey cards?

You can sell hockey cards online. There are website such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

You have o-pee-chee 197374 uncut hockey cards oak framed glass on both sides trying to establish value?

yes I have 2 framed in oak 1 numbered 1 thru 132 and a second numbered 265 thru 396

Do McDonalds accept credit cards online?


What can you do with hockey cards?

Hockey cards, like other sports cards, are collected, displayed, and sold among fans and collectors. Some people like to get their cards signed by the player featured on them.

Where are the hockey cards located on hockey Canada kids?

Panini Amarican store

What if you had 80 baseball and half as many basketball as football cards and 20 more hockey cards than basketball cards and half as many football cards as baseball how many hockey cards would i have?

You start backwards, you know you have 80 baseball so that makes 40 football. 20 basketball, and 40 hockey.

Where to buy hockey cards?

Hockey cards are more common in Canada and the northern United States. You can purchase hockey cards online, many department stores like Walmart, Target, dollar stores and specialty sport card and memorabilia stores.

Does Mcdonalds take ebt cards?

Some do and some don't

How many hockey cards does an average person have?

Well it depends on how much relations you have with hockey. If you love hockey you'll have many probablly 500 or more. If you think hockey is ok you might have less than 500. If you hate hockey you probably have none. Maybe 1 - 10 I like hockey and I currently have 1205 hockey cards. GO LEAFS GO

Where can you buy Logan Couture hockey cards?


What gift would you give a girl that loves hockey?

you can give her some hockey cards, buy her a jersey, get her a hockey stick, get her a poster, get her a video game about hockey, design her a hockey shirt or maybe get her a movie about hockey.

Where can you find San Jose Sharks hockey cards?


How do you read the back of a hockey card?

Most hockey cards are printed in english and french, if you know how to read english or french you can read any hockey card.

When did Donruss issue it's first hockey set?

Donruss produced NHL hockey cards from 1992 until 1998.

How much is a Hockey card?

Hockey cards can be worth up to 1cent to 8000$ it really depends on the Year, the hockey player, rarity, condition and supply and demand of the card.

When do 2009-2010 hockey cards reach stores?

the victory cards hit the stores about 2 weeks ago

Can McDonald's gift cards be used in Alaska?

Yes there are McDonalds in Alaska. Prices are higher than in the continental US. But you should be able to use your gift cards.

What credit cards does McDonald's accept?

McDonalds accepts the following -McDonalds gift card -Credit Card -Cash -City card -Pay Pass -American Express - Eco card

The cards shop receives a shipment of trading cards each month there are 8 hockey cards in a pack 12 packs in a box and 16 boxes ina crate what is the total numbers of hockey cards in the shipping?

there are 37 skittles, 35 bags of skittles, and 800 crates of skittles, but only 3 lucky charms.

What are the inventions from the 1950's?

mr potato head a barbie is dumb credit cards mcdonalds

Can you use Pokemon cards from mcdonalds?

You can use them in official tournaments and such, but they aren't worth much if you try to sell them

What is the value of the 1991 topps hockey cards complete set?

5,000 dollars

What are the three colour cards used in field hockey?

red yellow blue