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What is the value of a limited edition Browning Sweet Sixteen with a gold trigger made in Belgium that has never been fired?


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Which Limited Edition do you have? More information is required. Provide serial number if possible


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what is the value of my belgium browning serial number 751PP02500 AND is this a limited edition

There shouldn't have been a limited edition made in 1968. Not sure why it is described that way. For more information about value, check the link below.

This was a special run that Browning produced. I believe that public availability was limited. Please contact Browning Customer Service for details about this production. Link below

Browning does not release production number to the public unless it is a limited edition.

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You need to call Browning to find out. That sn doesn't match their system of numbering.

I would say at the very least $1000.00 if it is in very good to excellent condition.

A nice rifle that will give decades of good service.

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