What is the value of a misstruck Buffalo Head nickel?


The value of any coin is most dependant on it's rarity. Mis-struck coins are exceptionally rare and, therefore, exceptionally valuble. I can't give an exact number, it's worth what someone will pay for it. A few years ago, brand new, mis-struck state quarter sold for over $500,000. I would take the coin to a coin dealer or an auction house like Sotheby's.

Reality Sets In

Mis-struck can mean alot of things -- from a coin that is slightly off-center, a coin that is missing letters due to a foreign substance in the die, or other common striking errors that are not worth much -- to rare doubled die errors, off-metal errors, and other rarities worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Without knowing exactly what kind of "mis-struck" error you have, it would only be blowing air up your skirt to give you an estimated value.

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