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What is the value of a mod 1894-micro-groove barrel cal .44 rem magnum marlin rifle?


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100-400 USD depending on condition

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It should be marked on the barrel if it has the Marlin micro groove rifling.The model 25m was made from 1989-2003.That being said it will if it was a early made rifle.

The Marlin 1870 is valued at a price close to $600 to $700. The exact will price will depend upon the condition of the rifle.

The Crow magnum (Eliminator) is a break barrel air rifle manufactured by Theoben (UK). It is a serious hunting rifle.

Marlin made the model 922 in the early 1990's

Yes the Marlin Model 1894FG is chambered in .41 mag.

I have seen them sell for between 400-500 dollars depending on condition and a good bore.

No! The .22 magnum is different dimensionally. Do not attempt to chamber a .22 Magnum in a rifle or handgun designated for .22 s,l or lr. In most cases the barrel of a rifle or handgun will indicate the chambering!

A rifle that has barrel removed- not likely. Revolver that has barrel removed- VERY likely.

No such model. Exactly how is the rifle marked? Marlin has a Model 39A in 22 L.R. I would love it if they made one in magnum.

IF a rifle is chambered in caliber .35y magnum, yes. Among others, Marlin made a lever action .357 magnum rifle.

yes in most cases it can be interchanged with little or no modification

Should be on the barrel near the receiver.

If the rifle is in mint condition and has not been fouled up in the barrel, one can expect to pay $400 to $450 at a show. Private transactions might get you a better deal. Anything in that price range though will get you a truly great gun.

Never made a 1894 that would chamber a .30-30, even if the barrel says 1894. It would be a 336, with a mismarked barrel that reads, Model 1894, and caliber .44 Magnum. Price would be whatever a 336 goes for, unless you found someone who wants a mismarked 336.

The Marlin 1894 is a short action designed for pistol sized ammo. They're typically found in .357 magnum or .44 magnum. They were produced a few years in .22 magnum also.They can be found in .41 magnum and a cowboy version in .45 Colt. The Winchester 1894, or later just the 94, is chambered in .30-30 and .32 special. The Marlin rifle chambered in .30-30 is the 336 or one of its many sub-models. Hope that helps.

Try marlin directly or I would go to Numrich gunparts corp.they may be found on the web.

1. You can but you risk damaging the .22 magnum barrel. The magnum barrel is specially designed to take the full force of a magnum bullet, not a regular bullet. But if you try to shoot a magnum shell in the regular cylinder, you risk a blow up.2. You can shoot .22 Long Rifle ammunition in a .22 magnum barrel safely as long as the chamber is a .22 Long Rifle chamber or the revolver cylinder is chambered for .22 LRMany revolvers by Strum Ruger and Company, High Standard and others have interchangeable cylinders of both .22 Long Rifle and .22 magnum and use the same .22 magnum barrel.The .22 magnum barrel is slightly larger in bore and groove dimensions than the .22 Long Rifle and may have a bit less accuracy when shooting the .22 LR.A barrel made for only for .22 LR bullets should not fire .22 magnum ammunition, as the pressure will increase somewhat due to the slightly smaller diameter. However in practice, such barrels can and do fire .22 magnum ammunition without any other problems.ANSI-SAAMI Z299.1-1992 specifications for .22 LR and .22 Magnum:A) .22 Long Rifle:Bullet Diameter - .2255Barrel Bore Diameter - .217Barrel Groove Diameter - .222B) .22 Winchester Magnum:Bullet Diameter - .2245Barrel Bore Diameter - .219Barrel Groove Diameter - .224From this, you can see the .22 magnum round has a smaller specified bullet diameter but a larger groove diameter.In actual measurements, the .22 LR expands to fit this groove sufficiently to work well.If the .22 magnum is fired in a .22 LR barrel in theory the pressure in the chamber and barrel will be greater, but in actual tests, it is slight.

write to marlin with any and all markins on the barrel and receiver they will be able to give you a lot of info

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