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4-23-11>> The only US coin dated 2003 with the Walking Liberty design is a Silver Eagle Bullion coin. The value of the coin is tied to the spot price of silver at time of sale, today it's $46.61 per ounce.

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As of 11/2008, about $20 for an uncirculated coin and $28 for a proof version.

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As of 2-14-10 value is about $15.00

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Q: What is the value of a one ounce fine silver 2003 walking liberty dollar?
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What value of 2005 walking liberty silver dollar that says 1 ounce fine silver dollar?

What is the worth of the 2005 Walking Liberty silver uncirculated?

What is the value of a 1992 Walking Liberty silver dollar it says one ounce of fine silver?

uncirculated = $17proof = $50

How much silver is in a 1997 walking liberty dollar?

1 troy ounce. They are known as silver eagles and have the bullion value on the back.

Value of a 1993 walking liberty silver dollar?

Please note, Their American Silver Eagles not walking liberty silver dollars. The value follows the spot price of silver and right now it's $18.60 per ounce.

Value of a 1998 walking liberty dollar?

It's a Silver Eagle not a Walking Liberty. The coin is made from one ounce of silver and the value is whatever the spot price of silver is at time of sale. The value now is $18.25.

How much silver is in a Walking Liberty half dollar?

When minted, a Walking Liberty Half Dollar contains .36169 ounce pure silver. The coin is alloyed with 10% copper, giving an overall silver purity of 90%, resulting in a coin that weighs 12.5 grams.

How much is a 2004 walking liberty 1 ounce fine silver dollar worth currently as of 0423-2015?

It's worth $15.88 for the silver.

How much silver ia in a liberty half dollar?

I assume you mean the walking liberty half dollar (1916-1947). They contain .3617 ounce of silver. Just a bit more than 1/3 oz.

How much is a 1993 eagle standing liberty silver one dollar coin worth?

Actually it's Liberty walking not standing. It's one (Troy) ounce of silver with a current values of $34.86.

What is the value of a 1992 walking liberty silver dollar uncirculated 1 troy ounce 999 pure.any help?

Current value is about $30.00

What the value 2000 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar?

It's not really a silver dollar, but rather a U.S. Silver Eagle, which is a one ounce silver bullion coin. As of 18 July 2014, one is worth just under $21.

What is a troy ounce coin with Lincoln 1987 on it worth?

The value is only for the silver in the coin as of today(11-21-09) silver is $18.51 per ounce. Also please note: The coin is a American Silver Eagle not a walking liberty silver dollar.