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Q: What is the value of a replica 1804 US silver dollar?
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What is the value of your 1804 liberty silver dollar?


What is the value of 1804 Morgan silver dollar?

There were no Morgan silver dollars minted in 1804. The first year of mintage for them was 1878.

What is the value of 1804 silver dollar copy from gallery mint museum eureka springs AR 1992 in box as shipped with a booklet of history of of 1804 silver dollar?

This is NOT an original 1804 silver dollar. The value is only worth what the metal is worth. If it's made out silver it will be worth more than if it just has a silver plating with some like a stainless steel core.

What is 1804 draped bust silver dollar worth?

A dollar

What is value of copy 1804 silver dollar still in box from gallery mint museum in AR?

scrap it

What is the value of a fake 1804 US silver dollar?

If it's a fake, it's worth little to nothing.

What is the value an 1831 US silver dollar?

The US didn't mint any silver dollars for circulation from 1804 to 1835 inclusive.

What is the value of an 1804 silver dollar?

In 1999, one sold for over $4million at an auction, about 15 are known to exist

What is the value of an 1804 Liberty head silver dollar?

A authentic Draped Bust 1804 dollar is worth over Two Million dollars, but all 19 known examples are well accounted for. Many counterfeits & copy's exist, also it's a favorite for modern "Silver Rounds" made to look like the 1804 dollar.

What is the value of an 1832 silver dollar?

No US dollar coins were minted for circulation from 1804 to 1835. Look at the coin again and post new question.

What is the value of a 1829 silver dollar?

Silver dollars were not minted for circulation from 1804 to 1835 inclusive. Please check again and post a new question.

How do you tell real silver?

I wsnt sell silver dollar 1804 year.

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