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Sorry, the U.S. did not produce any silver dimes dated 1986. The coin is face value.

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what is the value for an American 1909 silver dime

So many were made the value is for just the silver.

If it has any wear at all the value is for the silver only about $1.00. A uncirculated 1942 dime is about $2.50

Nothing. There is no such thing. The most silver any dime has is 90%. This is most likely what you have.

A 1951 Roosevelt dime is very common, most are only valued for the silver in them, about $1.35.

With silver at $41.39 per ounce, as of 9-10-11 a 90% silver dime has a Melt Value of $3.99.

So many were made the value is for just the silver, about $2.00.

The 1914 Barber dime is a common coin. Value is $4.00-$8.00 for most coins.

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It is FDR on the dime, not Eisenhower. All Roosevelt dimes are common and only worth silver melt value. At the time of writing it is around $2.25 or so in silver.

If it is a circulated dime, then it is worth about $1.00, mostly depending on the value of silver

The value of a 1943 Silver Mercury Dime in circulated condition is about $3; in uncirculated condition, $7 to $8.

The 1964 Roosevelt dime is the most common of all silver dimes, it's worth about $2.00 only for the silver.

The 1941 Mercury dime is very common, most are valued at $2.00 just for the silver.

The value is about $2.00 just for the silver.

Average value is $3.00-$5.00.

About $6 for its silver content

Average value is $3.00-$5.00.

The Liberty dime minted in 1943 was 90% silver. The current rate for a circulated 1943 Liberty Dime is the current value of the silver of the coin, presently $5.50

The value is just for the silver, about a dollar

Regardless of mintmarks if it shows any wear at all the value is just for the silver at about $1.30

1936 is a common date, value is just for the silver, about $1.75

All silver Roosevelt dimes are common, if it has any wear at all value is for the silver, about $1.75

As of July 2013 all US 90% silver dimes at this time have a value of about $2.75 each.

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