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The value of women's Gruen watch is between $4.25 and $9.88.

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Q: What is the value of a womens' Gruen watch?
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What is the value of Precision watch by Gruen?

What is value of gruen men's watch sr626sw japan movement

Value of gruen very thin watch?

gruen verithin1947 gold 10kt 17 jewels

How much value has a Gruen watch?

The value depends on the style and material. A less sought Gruen may cost around $10. A rare style or a high gold content (e.g. 18K) Gruen cost as high as several thousands.

What is the value of a Gruen watch model 237-2018?

In January of 2013 I paid $69 for this Gruen model 237 on ebay. It had the alpha neumeric gsm003 in front of the model number.

What is the value of an old seiko watch?

i have a white lighted face womens sieko watch with gold and stainless steel band- what is the value of this watch

Value of a 1967 gruen Toronto maple leaf wristwatch - I believe it is a Stanley Cup watch but it has no markings that suggest that?

Yes, I believe I have this watch and would like to know the value.. The watch and a gruen stamped puck. Saying the official timepiece of the national hockey peggue. In the original case. Let me know if you have any info.

How much is a Gruen curvex watch that has a speidel wrist band worth?

an item is worth what you are willing to pay for it !...... value in terms of enjoyment ! ........value as in terms of intrinsic value ?

Where can one purchase a Gruen watch as a gift?

There are many places one could purchase a Gruen watch from including Pixel P, The Watch Group, Classic Watch and Amazon. All of these retailers are happy to giftwrap the watch for you if you would like it to be a gift.

What kind of battery for a gruen watch?

You need to providethe model number/nomenclature/description of the watch.

Where can one purchase a Gruen watch?

When looking to get a Gruen watch there are many great places to go. The best two places are the popular online websites Amazon and eBay for both new and used watches.

What are the release dates for Gruen Guild Playhouse - 1951 Face Value - 2.16?

Gruen Guild Playhouse - 1951 Face Value - 2.16 was released on: USA: 23 September 1952

How much does a gruen precision 17 jewel wrist watch cost?

Regency 17 jewels

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