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at the least, it is worth $300, if in slightly poor shape. in excellent condition, it is worth $400 or more. usually more. :)

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What is the value of a Buescher clarinet H20799?

=Well first off, the H20799 is just the serial number on the clarinet. It isn't important on the value of the clarinet. Second, it depends on if it is wood or plastic.=

What is the value of a wood Bundy clarinet serial number 66142?

The value of a wood Bundy clarinet with the serial number 66142 varies by its condition. As of 2014 its value is listed between 250.00 and 350.00.

What is a wood clarinet?

A clarinet made out of wood.

Why is a wood clarinet better than metal clarinet?

A wood clarinet has a warmer sound.

What is the small piece of wood on a clarinet?

The small piece of wood on the clarinet is the reed.

How do you determine value of buffet clarinet?

Age, wear and tear, state of the pads and corks, cracks in the wood, the quality of sound, and the type-basic clarinet evaluation.

Why is the clarinet a woodwind instrument?

The clarinet is most generally made out of wood. The reed is also "wood" or reed cane.

How can you tell how old your clarinet is?

You can tell how old your Clarinet is buy whether it's wood or plastic. Wood is older.

What was the clarinet made out of?

A clarinet can be made out of wood or plastic and the keys are metal.

What kind of wood is a clarinet made of?

Sometimes it's made of wood, but for begginers you can get plastic ones. Wood types variety depending on the quality of your clarinet.

Is a selmer 100 clarinet wood or plastic?

Mine's wood

What was the clarinet made of when it was consturcted?

The clarinet has always been made out of wood and metal.

What was the clarinet made of when it was created?

The clarinet was made of wood (I can't remember offhand what kind). The clarinet originated in 1690.

What was the clarinet originally made from?

The original clarinet came from Nuremburg, Germany and was made of wood.

Why does the clarinet belong to the wood wind family?

The clarinet belongs to the woodwind family because the reed (that you soak) vibrates and gives the clarinet the ability to make a sound.The same for saxophones, Alto saxophones,and bass clarinet.

What materials does a clarinet have?

Wood and metal and plastic

What is the bass clarinet made out of?

ebonite wood

What material is the bass clarinet made out of?


Is a clarinet a wood wind instrument?


What famiy does the clarinet belong to?

The clarinet belongs to the woodwind family, because most are mde of wood. The reed, which is needed to make the noise, is also made of wood.

What is the physical difference between a wood clarinet and a plastic clarinet?

Technically they are both the same, but wood is desired as it will give a more resonant sound. A young student will do fine on a plastic clarinet, but will want to upgrade as skill is developed.

Were there changes to the clarinet?

Yes, there were changes to the clarinet since it was made. The clarinet used to be made of a typre of wood, called grenadilla wood. Now, many clarinets are made of different woods, plastics, metals, and sizes. The type of clarinet depends on what it's made from, and how it's designed.

Is a selmer cl300 clarinet wood or plastic?


What is a b flat clarinet made out of?

wood or plastic

Can you make a clarinet barrel out of ceder wood?