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1936 is a common date, value is just for the silver, about $1.75

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Where was a 1936 penny minted if it has no mintmark?

Philadelphia. Cents (pennies) from the Philadelphia mint have never carried a mintmark.

Where is the mint mark on a 1936 quarter?

The mint mark is on the reverse of the coin under the eagle. If there is no mint mark it was minted at the Philadelphia mint. The Philadelphia mint issued quarters in large quantities. These are the most available and generally trade at their silver bullion value… unless in "Uncirculated" condition.

What is the value of a 1936 New Zealand Halfcrown?

There was no 1936 New Zealand Halfcrown minted.

What is the value of a 1936 New Zealand Shilling?

There were no 1936 New Zealand Shillings minted.

What is the value of a George V silver South Africa shilling?

To give the numismatic value I would need to know the year the shilling was minted and the condition. They minted shillings with King George on them from 1923-1936. The bullion value, however, was $3.16 in June of 2013.

What if my 1936 dime doesn't have a mintmark on?

No mint mark indicates that the dime was minted in Philadelphia.

Is there a 1940 silver dollar?

No. There no dollar coins minted during the years 1936-1970.

Why were no silver dollars made in 1950?

There were no silver dollars minted from 1936 through 1970. There wasn't a need for more to be made.

What is the value of a 1936 silver penny?

The U.S. never minted a silver penny. For starters, it would be worth more than a dime! Your coin was plated for use in jewelry or something similar. That makes it an altered coin worth face value only.

What if a 1936 quarter doesn't have a mark where it was made how can you tell its worth?

The no mintmarks are Philadelphia (most common) trade at silver value unless condition is extra special

Whs t is the value of a 5 dollar 1936 silver certificate?

The value of the 5 dollar 1936 silver certificate is not available because there was no certificate of this denomination issued in 1936. The certificate is most likely a fake.

What years weren't silver dollars minted?

As far at the 20th Century, there were no silver dollars minted 1905-20, 1929-33, and 1936-1970. The Eisenhower dollar was minted 1971-78, but it was mostly copper instead of silver. Following that was the Susan B. Anthony dollar, which was much smaller, also made of copper/nickel instead of silver, minted 1979-81 and 1999.

What is value of a 1936 silver dime with a P mint mark?

The P mint mark was first used on dimes in 1980. All earlier dimes minted in Philadelphia didn't carry a mint mark. Please check your coin again - the mint mark position is next to the E in ONE on the back.

Did the us make a silver dollar in 1953?

No. There were no US dollar coins minted during the years 1936-1970.

What is the value of a 1927 British Half-Sovereign?

There was no British Half-Sovereigns minted from 1927 to 1936 inclusive.

How many US 1936 nickels were minted in San Francisco?

Mintage figures were: Philadelphia : 118,997,000 San Francisco : 14,930,000 Denver : 24,814,000

What is the value of a 1963 Benjamin Franklin dollar?

Please turn the coin over and look at the back. It's a HALF dollar. There were no US $1 coins minted from 1936 to 1970 inclusive. If your coin is circulated, its value is based on the silver it contains, about 0.36 troy oz.

How many 1936 British Pennies were minted?

There were 154,296,000 King George V 1936 British Pennies minted. There were no 1936 King Edward VIII British coins minted since he abdicated before the coins could be prepared.

What is the value of a 1931 British Half-Sovereign?

There were no British Half-Sovereign coins minted from 1927 to 1936 inclusive

What is the value of an george V 1959 shilling?

Such a coin does not exist. The last coins featuring George V were minted in 1936.

What is the value of a 1936 US silver dollar?

No US silver dollars were struck in 1936. The last year was 1935, please look at the coin again an post a new question.

What is the value of a 1936 buffalo nickel Philadelphia mint?

Average circulated coins are valued at $1.00-$3.00. 1936 is the highest mintage year.

What is the worth of a 1936 silver liberty dime?

The silver value of the coin is $1.25 as of today and that's likely what you could sell it for.

What is the value of a 1936 liberty penny?

Liberty cents were last minted in 1857. A 1936 US cent would be a Lincoln cent. Please see the Related Question for more information.

Where were 1936 nickels minted?

All U.S. nickels were issued by the mint facilities in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

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