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If your coin is a nickel please turn it over. The minting date is 2004, on the front. The date 1803 honors the Lewis and Clark expedition.

If it's any other coin, pleas post a new, separate question with its denomination. You can also look for questions like "What is the value of an 1803 US <coin name>?", e.g. "What is the value of an 1803 US large cent?"


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The value of a 1803 large penny will depend on the condition of the coin. If the coin is in mint condition, the value is an estimated $256.00.

Please check your coin again. The US didn't mint any quarters from 1797 to 1803.

Even a low grade coin is valued at $325.00-$650.00 depending on condition. If you actually have this coin I suggest having a dealer or collector grade the coin for a better idea of value

All US coins minted in 1803 carried a picture of Miss Liberty. Silver coins minted in 1803 included half-dimes, dimes, half-dollars, and dollars. Please make sure your coin is actually from 1803 and doesn't carry that date as part of a commemorative inscription (e.g. the Lewis and Clark commemorative nickel issued in 2004), then check out the Related Questions below for more information.

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The other date 2002 is at the bottom ( same side ) of the coin. 1803 is the year Ohio became a state. It's just a quarter, spend it.

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If you can't see the date 2004 on the front of the coin it must be in very bad condition but it's still worth five cents. The date 1803 is just part of the peace medal design on the reverse for that year.

There were no Indian Head coins minted in 1803.

If it was found in change, the coin is face value. A uncirculated coin is about 25 cents.

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In collector value it all depends on the rarity and interest in the coin. Some other factors that effect the value are what it's made of and the metals value. The highest denomination coin produced by the US is the $100 One-Ounce Platinum Bullion coin.

That coin doesn't exist. Indian head cents were minted from 1859 to mid-1909.

Genuine US silver dollars of this date (1803) run from $1,000.00 to more than $10,000.00 depending on condition.

Uh, turn the coin over. You'll see the actual date - 2004.It's one design in the Westward Journey series minted to commemorate the 1803 Louis and Clark expedition. With mintages in the hundreds of millions, a coin you get in change has no added value (and probably never will). Uncirculated rolls are selling generally in the $3 to $5 range at coin shows.

It's a common dollar coin that's face value

The coin is still found in circulation and only face value.

All of them are of SOME value... so far...

The coin has face value only.

The coin is only face value

what is the value of a Jackie Robinson legacy coin set with baseball cqard and gold coin

I have this coin so plz tell me how much value you give me this coin ?

Genuine US silver dollars of this date (1803) run from $1,000.00 to more than $10,000.00 depending on condition.

The value of a 1928 Mexican centavos coin depends on the denomination and condition of the coin. The typical value is between 6 and 65 US dollars.

No, there isn't a .75 cent value of a US coin. However, there are coins that are equal to $1.00 value.

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