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The value of this coin depends heavily on the condition. I would recommend taking it to more than 1 local dealer. If it has heavy wear then it is worth about $175. If it has a majority of the detail remaining then it goes up to about $350. If it only has traces of wear on the highest points of the coin then it goes up to $700. These by the way are wholesale values. But you can see you definitely need the opinion of an expert on this piece. Also, you should look for a mint mark on the reverse of the coin beneath the eagle. If there is one, then these values are not for that coin.

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Q: What is the value of an 1843 2.5 dollar liberty gold piece?
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What is the value of 1843 seated liberty coin?

It is not possible to give an estimated value based only on the year the coin was minted. The denomination is essential.

Whose face is on an 1843 US penny?

Miss Liberty

What is the value of a series 1843 endin head penny?

There were no Indian Head pennies made in 1843.

What is the date the french gave us the statue of liberty?

July 3rd, 1843

What is the value of an 1843 Indian head penny in decent shape?

The first Indian Head cent was made in 1859 and is much smaller (19mm) than the 1843 (27.5mm) Liberty Head cent. 1843 is not a rare or even scarce date for large cents but this year has 3 types were the 'Bust' of miss Liberty is slightly different and also has small and large letters on the reverse of the coin. The values between the 3 types is $2.00 to $30.00 depending on the actual grade of the coin. In general retail values for a coin in average circulated condition (grades of G-4 to VF-20) is $18.00 to $80.00.

What is the value of an 1843 CC US silver dollar?

Please check your coin again. All 1843 US silver dollars were minted in Philadelphia so they don't carry a mint mark, and more importantly the Carson City Mint didn't open until 1870. If your coin does have that date and mint mark it's either a genuine silver dollar that was altered, or it's a counterfeit. A knowledgeable dealer or appraiser would need to look at it in person to decide which.

What is the value of an 1843 US penny?

The value of an 1843 US penny depends on its condition and any unique characteristics it may have. On average, a circulated 1843 US penny in good condition can be worth around $5 to $15. However, if the coin is in excellent condition or has any rare variations, its value can go up significantly.

How much was a schilling worth in 1843?

Inflation continues to drastically decrease the value of a schilling. What you could buy for one schilling in 1843 would cost about 305 schillings today, meaning that schilling would be worth about 7/100 of its original value.

Picture of 1845 Liberty Seated dime?

I can't find an 1845 image, but the same design was used throughout the 1840s. The link below shows an 1843.

What is the value of an 1843 US silver dollar?

Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 07/2010: Very worn condition - $234 Moderately worn - $312 Slightly worn - $372 Almost no wear - $1,008 Uncirculated - $2,220 to $85,630 depending on quality

How much is an 1843 two cent American coin worth?

2¢ pieces were only issued from 1864 to 1873. Please check again and post a new question. If the date really is 1843 you may have a privately-minted piece, a fantasy "coin", or a counterfeit.

What does an 1844 US penny look like?

These coins were actually called "Large Cents" and were about the size of a half dollar. They had a picture of Miss Liberty on the front and ONE CENT in a wreath on the back. I couldn't find a picture of an 1844 coin but the same design was used in other years. Please see the link below for a picture of an 1843 cent.