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Value is totally dependent on condition. Is there any case color left on the receiver? Is the "good bluing" original, or a re-blue? What about the wood? "Some rust," especially if there is pitting, can be a real problem. "Condition" to a collector is original appearance, not shootability. What guage? The less common, the more valuable.

Still, a Grade 2 Ithaca double in 12 guage and 10% condition is still booked at $335.00. In 80% (assuming "some rust" means surface only), it is worth $800.00. Take the gun to a reputable gunsmith for an appraisal.

I can not give any information on the value of the gun but I did just acquire a similar gun and I just want to add some information; this was before they "blued" guns they were actually "browned" and my understanding of this is they would let the gun rust to a certain degree and then seal it. However many people who didn't know better sanded the rust off therefor ruining the original finish, I would strongly suggest leaving the finish alone. But as stated the best thing to do would be to take it to a dealer and see if the finish is original and get an approximate value from them. Also just so you're aware this model of gun is a Damascus Twist and if you're unsure what that is just ask, but the main point of this is don't ever shoot the gun as it could explode.

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Q: What is the value of an Ithaca Crass Shotgun Grade 2nd 1902 with good bluing but some rust?
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Where can you find information about an Ithaca Hammerless 12 gauge side by side 82919 that you believe is a 907?

Perhaps you mean 1907. In any event, it is the 'Crass' model Ithaca shotgun made in 1902. Value is dependent upon grade and condition.

What is the age and value of an Ithaca Hammerless side by side damascus twist double barrel 12-gauge shotgun SN 28853?

Knows as the 'Crass Model' after designer Frederick Crass. The Crass Model was only made from 1888 to 1901. Yours would be c.1895. Need to know which grade. Remove the barrel set and look on the water table. These guns were marked with the gauge and the grade from 1 to 7 (and 1P). Depending on grade and condition, $200 to $1000.

I have an Ithaca 12 ga double barreled internal hammer shotgun i have looked on it for numbers and i have found 9943 and on another part it says 212 it says Ithaca Gun Co Ithaca NY wondering value?

By your ques I take it that 9943 was on the watertable and that it is the serial numberand it equtes to an Ithaca Crass 1889, as for your 212 number you stated in your ques that would equate to a 12 ga grade 2.

What year was an Ithaca field grade SXS shotgun with serial nurmber 62650 manufactured?


What is an Ithaca 16gauge double barrel shotgun serial no359596 wort?

You have a Ithaca Flues model made in 1922 Can not provide additional info without knowing condition and grade of shotgun. 200.00 - 4000.00

What year was an Ithaca Field Grade SxS shotgun with serial number 449599 manufactured?


What is the value of an Flues Model Ithaca double barrel shotgun serial?

serial # 301552 Ithica double barrel 20 ga. can anyone tell me value of this gun.Assuming that you have a grade I(field grade) shotgun,your Ithaca flues model shotgun will be valued at between 550-900 dollars for a shotgun having between 10%-70% of its original finish remaining,and a good set of bores.

Is an Ithaca 16 gauge double-barrelled shotgun serial no 434335 worth anything?

You have an Ithaca NID model made in 1926, Not knowing condition or grade 300 -3500.

What is the value of an Ithaca gun company double barrel shotgun approx 100 yrs old in good condition with engraving of hunting dog and smokeless powder steel?

From your description it could be an early Crass model in Field Grade. A serial number would determine the exact model. Up to $700 +/-

What is the age and value of an Ithaca Gun Co damascus double barrel with serial 19866 and engraved dogs on the side?

Early 1890's Crass Model Ithaca, poss 1892. Value is going to be dependant upon condition and grade. The grade is usually found stamped on the watertable. Generally, from $250-$1500.

What is the age of a Ithaca 16 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 255272?

as far as i can tell made about 1913. is it a baker ithaca? grade is of great inportance but as swag guess say around 1000.00

What year was an Ithaca Field Grade SxS shotgun with serial number 463070 manufactured and what is the current value?

You have an Ithaca new NID model made in 1937 value depends upon condition gauge, brl lengths, type of forearm, type of stock, ejectors or extractors?, single or double trigger and grade of the shotgun (grades 1-7) $500-$15000

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