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what is the value of an alembic excel 5 string bass

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โˆ™ 2008-09-07 15:09:32
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Q: What is the value of an alembic Excel 5 string bass?
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What kind of bass was John Paul Jones playing at Knebworth 1979?

A custom-built Alembic eight string bass

How much is a used alembic spoiler bass guitar worth?

Depending on condition, an Alembic Spoiler is worth $1500 to 2000 US.

When did Alembic start making its famous bass instruments?

Alembic started making its famous bass instruments in 1972 for Jack Casady. This bass has state variable filtering capacity and has pickups mounted on brass tubing so that their positions could be adjusted.

What kind of bass guitar does les claypool play?

alembic back in 1989

Fender squier 5 string bass sn 050630407 value?

About $180.

What brand bass guitar does 'Wizard' with Mother's Finest play?

Lefay, PRS, Fender and Alembic

Is Bass a string instrument?

Yes, a bass is a string instrument.

What is the lowest string on a double bass?

The lowest string on a four string double bass is an E string. If you have a fairly rare five string double bass then the lowest fifth string is a B string.

What family is the string bass in?

it is cause the string bass has 4 strings so it belongs to the string family lol :D

What is considered to be the bass instrument in the string family?

The stringed bass/upright bass has the lowest register in the string family. The cello is also a bass string instrument, though it's not as low as the bass.

What is the name of the top string on the double bass?

The top string on a double bass is the G string, in standard tuning. A tenor bass has a high C string. A five string bass may have a high C as well (or a low B).

What is the highest open string pitch on the string bass?

The highest open string pitch on a bass is a G.

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