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What is the value of an first issue Elvis stamp?


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Many of the stamps are valued in price close to $5 each. The exact amount that one can get for the stamp will depend upon its condition.


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If they aren't cancelled how would we know they are a first issue page? If you mean a sheet of the Elvis Stamps, they can still be used for face value of postage. You might be able to sell the sheet for about twice the face value.

There is no 1977 Elvis Presley stamp. There was a stamp that was released in the US on First day of issue: January 8, 1993. It was a 29 cent stamp. There was so many purchased and so many saved by fans that its only worth face value.

The Elvis stamp is the best saleing stamp in millions were sold. People purchased them and saved them hoping they would be worth something down the road. But because there were so many sold there is not real value to them . Just there face value of the stamp. First Day Issues are worth more and so would block stamps of the Elvis stamp.

Not sure what you may have, as the US did not issue a Christmas Stamp in the year 2000.

There were so many Elvis stamps purchased by people saving them for value down the road , that there is really no value to them except the value of the stamp. The value of the stamp is 29 cents.

The value of the Elvis stamp advertisement hanging in post office is really worth much. It is not worth much because it is not real.

It is called the First Day of Issue. Cancellations on that date have value. Cancellations before that date are really sought after!

The value of an unused Elvis Presley postage stamp would depend on the year it was released and the demand for it. The current value of the 29 cent Elvis Presley stamp is approximately 50 cents.

The value of stamps is determined by their value and rarity. The value for a 1993 Elvis Presley complete stamp collection in mint condition is between 99.00 and 130.00 as of 2014.

First issue? I think you mean mint - which means it's unused. Many factors are involved in pricing the stamp: what country, condition of the stamp, which particular stamp (more than one stamp was issued in 1973) and whether it is new or used. Without more details it is not possible to answer your question properly.

Scott US#1270If it is a first day of issue, it should have a cancellation. A First Day Cover is likely to be worth about a dollar. Without the cancellation it is worth the same as a used stamp, about 15 cents.

Anything no matter how small, as long as it was attached to Elvis Presley will always have great value to his fans the world over.

A couple dollars at most. The gold value is minimal, an extremely thin layer. Most stamp collectors find them annoying.

Catalogue value for a mint one (in excellent shape) .60c. A used one is .20c

There were so many sold and saved that the value is only the face value of 29 cents.

There wasn't any Lincoln First Day in 1952. The nearest to that was in 1954. The catalog value of a 1954 FDC is $1.50

That would be US Scott Number 2417. A First Day Cover has a catalog value of $4.

That would be Scott number 3137. The FDC can be purchase for about $2.

A first-class stamp is not the same as a forever stamp. A forever stamp holds the value of a first-class stamp regardless of how often the rate for first-class postage has increased. A first-class stamp only holds its face value.

It could have value but I question the authenticity of the find. How do you prove it?

That is Scott Number 2967. It has a minimal value and can be purchased for about $3.

No value. Just what it states on the stamp.

Scott Catalog # 2721, 2724 & 2731, 29 cent, Elvis PresleyIssued as a commemorative in booklets and sheets in 1993.There are three values for these stamps and they are:New = 60 centsUsed = 20Face value of 29 cents.Because of the large amount of stamps printed (517 million, page 531) for this issue most dealers will pay you about 80% of face value or 23 cents for new stamp.

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