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Q: What is the value of m72 lever action made for Montgomery wards 1872-1972 anniversary?
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Is there a picture of the 75th anniversary model 1895 savage rifle?

What is a 75th anniversary model 1895 lever action savage arms worth

How much does 44-40 lever action anniversay cost?

it would depend on who made it, when, and what the significance of the anniversary is

Who made the Western Field 3030 M72 lever action for Montgomery Ward and in what years?

Mossberg, mid '70s.

What is the value of a marlin 30 30 lever action rifle that is stamped 100th anniversary edition?

50-350 usd

Would like to know what a Montgomery Ward lever action 22 would be worth?

Does your rifle have "Westernfield" stamped on it? Regardless, the Montgomery Ward department store lever action in .22 calibre, in mint condition, would have a value of $350.00 Naturally, the more dings and nicks on the stock, or bluing wear, would devalue the rifle.

What company built Western Field lever action rifles?

marlin,stevens,savage Answer 2 To the best of my knowledge Montgomery wards commissioned the rifles through other companies I own A model 895 22 caliber lever action And it is a commissioned Moseberg 402

What is a Marlin Model 101 with the 1070 Gold 100 year anniversary Medallion embedded in the stock be worth?

I have a 22 cal lever action rifle 100 year anniversary edition . And I was told It was valued about 500 dollars.

Who made the 30 30 Western Field M79 lever action for Montgomery Ward and where can you get a repair manual for it?

This 30/30 lever action rifle was made by Mossberg, its the same as the Mossberg 472PRA. Check out This site also has parts and manuals avalible.

When was the lever action revolver made?

Revolvers are not lever action firearms. Sorry- can you rephrase your question? Lever action firearms are most often rifles, rarely shotguns. A very few lever action pistols were made, but not revolvers.

What type of lever is a gun?

well if you mean as in lever action there is winchesters with lever action ive seen a 10 gauge Winchester with lever action its a fine piece of wor i wish i could have shot it

Is the action of a Browning Lever action really smooth?

For the most part yes it is.A bit of honing will take place as the lever is worked over time causing a more smooth lever throw,as with any lever action rifle.

Looking for 357 smithwesson lever action rifle?

S&W never made a lever action rifle.