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ted willams model 934-40258,8 foot salt water rod, medium action, i like to know the value please the rod very new maybe used once or few times.

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Do you use a fishing pole to catch whiscash?

Fishing pole? You use a Super Rod to catch it. There is no fishing poles Pokemon,only Old Rods,Good rods, and of course Super Rods.

Which rod to use to catch a nosepass?

If your question is referring to fishing rods, then this is your answer: Nosepass cannot be caught by fishing rods,whether it is an old rod or super rod.

What fishing rods are in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the same as always - the old, the super, and the good rod. to find their location, go to

Where do you get fishing rods in Pokemon HeartGold?

i only know that the old rod is at the route where theres a Pokemon center next to the cave

Where are the fishing rods in pokemon soulsilver?

I dont know about the old and super rod but this guy in olivine city gives you a good rod

What is the value of a an old Craftsman fishing knife?

The exact value of an old Craftsman fishing knife would actually be dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the knife.

How big can rods get to?

There are old rods, good rods, and super rods, and super is the best.

Where do you get the fishing rods in Pokemon Sapphire?

OLD ROD - Dewford Town GOOD ROD - East of Mauville City SUPER ROD - Mossdeep City

Where is the great-rod in Pokemon Emerald?

There are three fishing rods you can obtain: The Old Rod, The Good Rod, and The Super Rod. There is no Great Rod.

Where are the rods in Pokemon HeartGold?

Old rod Johto route 32 (fishing Guru) Good rod Johto Olivine City (man in house near pokecentre) Super rod Kanto route (Fishing Guru)

Where do you get the fishing rods in Pokemon Ruby?

Old Rod- Dewford town, Fisherman Good Rod- Route 118, Fisherman Super Rod- Mossdeep City, Fisherman

Where are the fishing rods in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is one at vermillion(old rod) one at fussia(good rod) and there is one on the route down from where you find the snorlax ps.not in Cleadon city

Where to get fishing rods in Pokemon emerald?

old rod is in dewford town, great rod is on route 119, and super rod is found in slateport town, in the pokemon fan club building.

Where is number 136 in Pokemon Pearl?

Tentacool are one of the most common Pokemon found while surfing on nearly any route. They are also common fishing with the old or good rods.

Where do find the fishing rods in Pokemon gold?

The old rod is south of the city with the Sprout Tower in a Pokemon Center The Good rod is in the city with the Lighthouse in a house with a fisherman who gives it to you (i think)

How do you get fishing rod in emerald?

You can get three rods in emerald. They are the old ,good, and super rods. The old rod can be found by talking to a fisherman in Dewford town. The good rod is obtained after you get hm surf. Go to Mauville city and go to route 118.Surf to the other side and the fisherman in the top left should give you the good rod. To get the super rod, you have to go to Mossdeep city. There is a fisherman in a house north of the girl who is looking at the white rock from outer space. And there you have it. Have fun fishing.

What should you do with old fishing line?

Most retailers have recycling bins for old fishing line.

How old are Andy Williams children?

Andy Williams had three children with Claudine Longet. Noelle Williams is 50 years old, Christian Williams is 49 years old and Robert Williams is 45 years old.

Where is the Gospel singer Lee Williams singing this weekend?

How old is Lee Williams

How old is Keely Williams?

kiely Williams is 22 years old

How old is jasmine Williams?

jasmine williams is 11 years old

Where are the rods in Pokemon ruby?

Old good and super to get old it's in dewford town to get super after you swim across the water to the right of maville city talk to the first fishing guy there then to get super go to the house at the very tip of mossdeep city and talk to that fisher

How do you catch an old mob in flick fishing?

You keep fishing in old pond and keep using bait fish

How old is gospel singer melvin Williams?

melvin williams is 58yrs. old

How old is a Ted Williams model 73 30-06 sears and roebuck rifle and what is its value?

seventy years