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All $5 bills dated 2006 are worth five dollars. (not true--see improvement notes)

There has been a recent misconception that since it was released in 2008 that the "Series 2006" is a misprint of some kind. Check ALL of your "new fives"... most if not all will have the "Series 2006" on them.

The "series" date on a bill is determined by the Treasury Secretary and Treasurer who are in office when the bill is printed. Because the same officials were in office from 2006 to 2008, all bills with their signatures were part of the 2006 series.

The misconception is even worse because the $5 bill's design was changed in the middle of the 2006 series, so some bills with that date have the old green and black design while others are purple and gray. ALL of them are worth only face value. (not true--see improvement notes)

Improvement notes to original answer: the design was not changed in the middle of series; rather, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing did test new design by first printing green seal notes. It only issued 410 million notes in 64 print runs before production of new design with purple seal started ( As such, these notes were a limited run, and are worth more than $5. The new design issuance with same 2006 series date, with purple seal, will not be worth more than $5 (as 2 billion have been printed to date).

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Q: What is the value of the series 2006 5 dollar bill?
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